How will restaurant software help your employees? -

How will restaurant software help your employees?

We talked a lot about the problems faced by restaurateurs and the ways to solve them. We shared with you the knowledge about technology worth investing in, and we got you some tips on how to create delivery zones and how to increase online sales.

Today we bring something different to the table!  In today’s article, we will study the day of Anna – the waitress, and see how restaurant software can help her do her job.

A day from the waiter’s work

Anna is 19 years old and has just started college. She came to London to get a better education. Working in a restaurant is a chance for her to earn a few extra pennies.

It’s Friday at 15:00. Our protagonist has just started work. She feels stressed out because rush hour is coming and a group of guests has just entered the restaurant. She comes to the table and starts taking the order. One guest orders a pizza without arugula, another with extra jalapeno peppers, and a third would like to exchange the onion for an extra portion of bacon. Is it possible? – Of course, it is! – however, she has to write down every detail so that the cook has no doubts.

As she rewrites the order, the telephone rings. She finishes the note in a hurry and runs to pick it up. On the other end of the phone the customer wants to place an order with delivery to the Soho  “Hmm, are we delivering there? “- wonders. She reaches for the map with the marked delivery zones and looks for the district. It’s hard to find it right away. She has only been living in London for a couple of weeks, and she doesn’t know the city well yet.

Some time passes but eventually, she finds it! They deliver! 

The man asks about the delivery time. Anna can hear impatience in his voice. She tries to count the number of orders in the queue, but the truth is she has no idea when they will be ready and how much it will take to get them to the customer.

An hour and a half – she says. The order will probably be ready sooner but she chooses the safe option.

The customer doesn’t seem happy about it. One and a half hours? No, thanks. He can go to the restaurant just around the corner.

Race against time

Ania has not yet taken the previous order to the kitchen when the phone rings again. Another customer. This time the order comes from the neighborhood. An hour and a half is more than enough! 45 min should be just right! 

After hanging up, she runs to the kitchen and brings a full set of written notes. She tells the cook what comes out first, and he replies that in about 30 minutes the takeout order should be ready. Great! So she guested the time right!

The only question remaining is where the drivers are. One of them must be ready in half an hour! Anna dials the number, but the line is busy. She calls the other one. He’s stuck in a traffic jam on the other side of town. The third one fell ill and is not at work today.

In the meantime, more customers appear in the restaurant. The phone rings again and again, and Anna tries to do her best to get everything done! At the same time, she tries to contact the first driver. 

After many fruitless attempts, she finally succeeds! The bad news is that the driver needs 20 minutes to reach the restaurant. Unfortunately, the dish is already on the display. In the next few minutes, it will get cold. With no other option up her sleeve, Anna asks the driver to hurry up …

After some time, he finally shows up. Our protagonist gives him a card with the delivery address and goes back to the restaurant to serve the next guests.

Problems with delivery

After less than 30 minutes, the phone rings again. It’s the first driver. 

He informs the waitress that the customer is not at home and attempts to contact him have failed. Ania tells him to wait another 10 minutes, although she knows that she is risking delaying further orders.

Fortunately, the customer shows up. He thought he won’t be getting his dish so he went to the store around the corner. 

Well! That happens all the time – thinks the driver.  Well, it’s not my fault –  Anna justifies herself.

The rest of the day goes by very quickly. It’s time to close the restaurant. Ania is very tired. Not everything went as planned. A few people got the order with a considerable delay. Anna just hopes that they won’t leave any comments on the site. Unfortunately, it is the unsatisfied customers who most often reach for the keyboard …

#Facts According to research, one additional star on the popular Yelp review site can increase restaurant sales by 5% to 9%.  Thus, today’s “mishaps” may have a real impact on daily income in the near future. The image of a restaurant on the Internet is often a reflection of the quality of customer service and the fulfillment of promises made to them.

Cashing up

Before going home, our protagonist has one more thing to do. Cash up the drivers. Anna takes the bills and starts counting.

The day was intense. Sixteen people ordered on-site, 27 in delivery, and 5 in takeaways.

Revenue totaled PLN 1,689.26. Ania must also remember that the drivers took advance payments for fuel, and one of them received an additional PLN 150 to buy some missing products for the restaurant.

Unfortunately, despite checking the calculations several times, something is wrong. Exactly PLN 49 is missing. That’s the value of one family pizza.

The question is who made the mistake and when. It will be hard to tell after a whole day. The discussion with the drivers continues for 15 minutes, but to no avail. The entire shift will have to pay for the missing sum. 

Anna is disappointed, tired, and thorny. Despite putting 100% effort into the work, she did not manage to control the chaos that had crept into the restaurant. Thoughts about changing jobs run through her mind… Maybe in the clothing industry? Gastronomy is probably not for her.

What went wrong, and who is responsible for it?

The driver and the waitress are not to blame for the situation, but the restaurant owner.


Most of the problematic situations presented in the text are the results of working on the so-called sticky notes. Rewriting orders (often twice!) significantly extends the time of customer service and increases the likelihood of making a mistake.

Working with a restaurant software

Imagine what Ania’s day would look like if the place where she worked used the right restaurant software.

First of all, our protagonist would save a lot of time, which she spent on rewriting orders. The cook would see immediately which dish comes out first and what changes are applied to it. This is especially helpful when it comes to more complex orders, in which customers want to remove or replace one component with another. The waitress’s explanations are no longer needed. Everything is on the printed receipt. 

In addition, restaurant software calculates the expected delivery time. That means less stress for the person who takes the order and more freedom for the customer who knows exactly when to expect the arrival of the driver. 

In restaurants with delivery, waiters and drivers work closely together. Thanks to the POS system, a person taking the order can see the location of drivers on the map and do not have to waste time calling them. Additionally, the restaurant owner has more control over his employees and sees who is the most productive.


The POS system for restaurants with delivery is also useful at the end of the day when it’s time to cash up the drivers. Instead of wasting 30 minutes (often longer!), settling the accounts takes two or three minutes. The probability of making a mistake throughout the day decreases significantly, so shortages of cash are much less frequent.

An unquestionable advantage of working with restaurant software is also access to data that makes it easier to plan a promotional campaign, determine the target audience, choose the right delivery zone, or even decide on which days and hours the restaurant should be open.


Although our protagonist’s day was not the best one, let it serve as an example 🙂 

Remember! Technology is not your enemy but a friend. By investing in a POS system tailored to the needs of your restaurant, you increase the comfort of the work of your employees and you get an insight into their day of work!

We would like to invite all those who are not convinced, to our previous post, in which we debunk the myths about the systems for restaurants, and hopefully dispel all your doubts!


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