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In the last few months, in the coronavirus era, the number of restaurants offering deliveries has grown quite a bit. For many restaurants, deliveries have become the only source of income, and that said, the only way to survive in the gastronomy business. Delivery orders have a lower margin, and their introduction involves many logistic problems that a restaurant owner has to solve. Do You have no experience in deliveries? Are you afraid of a decrease in the quality of your dishes? Do you worry that your restaurant will start getting bad reviews, and you will lose clients?

In today’s article, we will tell you how to successfully introduce food delivery in your restaurant!

Start selling online

Cooperation with food delivery portals is the first step to start selling your dishes online. However, it will not be beneficial for all restaurants. A lot depends on the size of the city in which you have the restaurant, on the budget and time that you can dedicate to the marketing, and on the structure of your business. Research carried out in several European cities by UberEats shows that most of the premises joining the platform did not previously offer food delivery. In Warsaw, it was only 36% of restaurants, in Paris and London 38%, and in Madrid 52%. The same research also shows that after joining the platform, some restaurants recorded an increase in sales. That was the case for 69% of London restaurants, 74% of Paris, 67% of Warsaw, and 59% of Madrid.

If you are wondering whether joining the food delivery platforms is a solution beneficial for your business, be sure to check out our previous post, in which we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of working with them.

1. The key to success – drivers

At the very beginning, you have to decide whether you want to recruit drivers or use the ones hired by the third-party platforms. If you choose the first option, you need to ensure that someone or something helps you manage their work time. You can hire a dispatcher, or you can automate this process so that each of your employees will be able to take orders. Thanks to automation, you will no longer have to look for people who know the city well. The Papu.io POS system informs employees whether a given address belongs to the restaurant’s delivery zone and how much to charge for delivery. Working with Papu.io is also a great help for the drivers! They can see how much time they have to reach the clients and can contact them at any time, thanks to the phone number saved in the application.

2. Online advertising

When you decide to expand your offer and deliver food to customers, you should think about promoting your restaurant online. Some restaurants make online sales only through food delivery platforms. Unfortunately, that means all online orders are charged with a commission. It is therefore worth taking care of an additional sales channel – the restaurant’s website where you can sell your dishes without paying to third-party companies.

Websites set up by Papu.io have a fixed monthly cost and are integrated with Google Analytics. Connecting analytics allows you to check how many people enter the restaurant’s website, what percentage of visitors place an order, who are the website users, whether paid advertising is profitable, etc.

Besides having your own website, there are a few more ways to improve your online visibility:

  • being active on Facebook – for tips on how to reach more people with your content and how to self evaluate your fan page, check out our previous post
  • adding a Google Business Card
  • Google Ads 
  • buying advertising space on the given food delivery platform

3. Offline advertising

Once you take care of online advertising, you should think about increasing the recognition of your premises in your neighborhood. Try a simple and proven method – leaflets. If you have a restaurant website, be sure to include its address on the flyer!

An interesting banner displayed in front of the restaurant will also help encourage passers-by to place an order at your restaurant!

4. The right tool

Maintaining the quality of customer service is a challenge for restaurants that started offering food delivery. Taking care of drivers and launching online orders is just the beginning of a long way to develop a strong position in a new market. The restaurateur must ensure that the food he offers in delivery quickly reaches the customer, that orders keep on coming, and that the restaurant’s online rating systematically increases (or remains at a relatively high level). To make it happen:

  • Restaurant staff must work efficiently and faultlessly. A big problem with restaurants offering food delivery is the multitude of sales channels. Orders are placed by phone, through the restaurant’s website, through various portals (often one portal = one tablet), or on the site. In times of increased traffic, it is easy to make a mistake, especially when a waiter needs to rewrite all delivery information on small pieces of paper. Mistakes happen frequently, and even a small one can affect the rest of the working day.
  • Drivers need to play fair and deliver the order as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Cigarette breaks or a complete deviation from the course is a problem for many restaurateurs.
  • Restaurant owners need access to data! Numbers will help them build a promotional strategy, find out which dishes are the most popular, and which sales channels are the most effective. It is worth considering that when cooperating with food delivery platforms, restaurateurs often lose access to data, which makes them even more dependent on their business partner.
  • The restaurateur needs to know who is working diligently and who is slacking. Unfortunately, most often, restaurant owners cannot spend a whole day watching over the business. Therefore, they are not able to resolve conflicts between employees or properly assess their involvement.

These are just a few of the problems faced by restaurants that offer food delivery. Fortunately, the right POS system can help you solve them! Thanks to Papu.io whole delivery process is organized and structured. Working on the system means that restaurant employees make fewer mistakes, orders reach customers on time, suppliers spend less money on fuel and the restaurant’s online rating increases!

What can give you a good POS system?

POS system Papu.io will allow you to solve the problems faced by the competition and gain an advantage in the gastronomy industry. How?

  1. The system collects orders from various sales channels. That means it does the job that is usually the responsibility of a waiter. In addition, thanks to a simple panel, it facilitates entering delivery information and automatically completes data about regular customers.
  2. Thanks to Papu.io, restaurant staff see in real-time the location of drivers. As a result, the owner can check if the orders are arriving on time, and drivers don’t deviate from the course. Papu.io data shows that since the implementation of the system, restaurateurs spend about 8% less on fuel!
  3. Access to data is crucial when building your position on the market! After the workday is over, restaurateurs using Papu.io solution receive a report with data that will help them grow their business.
  4. Thanks to the POS system, restaurant owners can examine which of their employees was the most productive. With the software, they are able to check who accepted the order and which driver delivered it. Thanks to this feature, the restaurant owners can easily find a person responsible for any mistakes made during the delivery.
  5. Online rating improves! Restaurants offering food delivery care about good online reviews! No wonder, since a “one-star” drop can lead to a 5% to 9% reduction in turnover (Harvard Business School – 2016). According to Papu.io’s research, restaurants that started working with the system improved their average Internet rating from 0.5 to 1.5 “stars”!
  6. Based on many factors, the software estimates when the order will reach the customer. It takes into account the number of people on a shift, the number of orders in the queue, the estimated time of preparation of a given dish, the kilometers that the driver must cover, etc.
  7. The system enables easy modification of already placed orders and gives access to the archive.
  8. End-of-day settlements take no more than 2 minutes! Thanks to Papu.io, waiters can see how much cash the drivers had with them, where did they travel and how much money they should receive at the end of the day. That means none of the restaurant employees have to stay after hours!

Food delivery- things you need to remember!

By offering food delivery, you have a chance to reach a new group of customers. However, expanding your offer requires a proper preparation. 

You need to analyze competition, select items from the menu, and a marketing strategy, and solve all the organizational issues.

Before introducing any changes, we strongly recommend you to invest in a tool that will minimize the number of errors made by your staff and improve the delivery process by automating some of its elements. Working on the Papu.io POS system gives control over what is happening in a restaurant to the owner, enables restaurant staff to work more efficiently, and improves the restaurant’s online rating.

In conclusion, thanks to having

  • the right tool to automate the delivery process
  • a group of trusted employees

and taking care of

  • online and offline advertising 

 a restaurant has a great chance to become successful and join the group of places that won the hearts of many customers with their take-out dishes and high level of service! 

Check how our system can help managing deliveries in your restaurant! 


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