Make Post-Purchase the Best Part of the Customer Experience

Provide the best post-purchase experience to increase customer loyalty and additional revenue with branded tracking pages. Reduce WISMO tickets and keep your customers happy and informed while waiting for their parcel to arrive.

The customer experience
doesn't stop at the hit the buy button

As an online customer you realize how important delivery is for the shopping experience.

Scalable brands use shipment tracking to keep customers happy and grow theirbrand.

Post-Purchase experience goals to:

Regain (your) control

We allow you to take back your control and ownership of the post-purchase experience from the carriers.

Expose your brand

A branded web-based shipment tracking app that will help you improve your customer experience through shipping, allowing you to attract customers to loyalty programs and renewed purchases with you.

Notify & create touchpoints

Shipment status notifications to keep your customers updated throughout every step of the shipping (process) and to reduce WISMO – less support tickets “Where is my order?” and to increase your NPS keeping your customers informed.

Optimize your delivery experience

We give you dashboards with statistics – to analyze your fulfillment, delivery, and carrier performance to identify which carriers are upholding SLAs and which are not.

Communication with one place

We give your customers a single location where they can contact you, report a problem or conveniently return the shipment and leave a review.

Update your customers when it matters most nOS platform is equipped with all the features to handhold your customers throughout the post – purchase journey.

Order tracking examples

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A loyalty campaign

Loyalty programs drive customer retention, which can help organizations generate revenue, increase referrals and achieve the overall growth.

A sales

Through sales promotion, chosen products are presented to prospective customers to persuade them to buy
the products.

A proactive customer satisfaction campaign

The Customer Experience is the total sum of
customers’ perceptions and feelings
resulting from interactions with
branded products and services. This might
by done by releasing blog posts, providing
tips, interviews, videos and infographics,
instructions related to the
products that your customers buy, thus increasing their satisfaction.

A sales

Through sales promotion, chosen products are presented to prospective customers to persuade them to buy
the products.

An event campaign

Being able to see and meet people
behind your brand in person can lead
to the formation of long-term brand


An effective CSR program have a positive
impact on companies, employees, and

An event campaign

Being able to see and meet people
behind your brand in person can lead
to the formation of long-term brand

What You get in that price?

Your total monthly number of delivery and takeaway orders combined per location

Brand marketing

& customer personalized communication


  • Marketing campaigns builder
  • Personalized marketing content
  • Brand exposure
  • Building customer database
  • Marketing consent
  • Chat customer-restaurant-driver
Feedback & Reviews


  • Customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Realtime feedback to your stuff and managment
  • Online rating booster
  • Hassle free complaints
Delivery management system


  • Driver management
  • Central map
  • Driver app
  • ETA
  • Auto dispatch


  • Dashboards
  • New customers
  • Interactions with your content
  • CTA
  • Open rate
  • Reviews
  • Time spend with your brand
  • Returning customers

Send your customers
updates on tracking
statuses and additional content
directly to their mobile
phones by SMS and link to
the branded web app.

Increase brand

Allow customers to track their order on a branded web-based tracking app instead of a carrier site.

Drive post-purchase engagement

Customers visit the tracking page an average of 4,15x per order. Give an immersive experience!

Increase repeat customers

Generate additional revenue with product recommendations and loyalty programs.

Increase a message
open rate

Achieve a link open rate even up to 80%.

Gain customer trust

Always be within the client's reach and assure them of your willingness to help.

Increase your NPS

Be more proactive rather than reactive in the post-purchase process and increase your NPS even up to 12%

Reduce WISMO

Reduce a WISMO support ticket even by 90% by providing an opportunity for customers to track their orders on your web app.

Increase your CTR

encourage customers to interact with uploaded materials and achieve a score even up to 78%.

Drive post-purchase engagement

provide clickable banners and video materials with which your client can interact.

68% of consumers will view
brands more favorably once you

offer or contact them

through proactive customer service notifications

93% of consumers are

more likely to make
repeat purchase

at companies with excellent
customer service

Customer engagement
marketing can increase

customer loyalty by 25%

Data shows that even a
5 percent increase in customer retention
can result in a 25-95 percent

improvement in profit.

Clear, proactive communication

can cut WISMO by 50%

96% of customers who are satisfied
with the returns process have responded they’ll purchase with

the retailer again.

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