Take control of your deliveries and drivers

Papu.io is a delivery management system developed for restaurants with their own drivers. Small and chain restaurants use Papu.io to cut down delivery times, acquire positive reviews more quickly and boost their online ratings.



Faster deliveries

Did you know that time is the most vital factor influencing customers’ satisfaction with their orders? With us, you will reduce your delivery times on average by up to 40%.

Boost in reputation

With the Customer Satisfaction module, the process of collecting positive online reviews will be made 9 times faster.

Increased revenue

Faster delivery equals more satisfied customers, which in turn means more positive reviews online and more profit for your restaurant!

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Accept orders from integrated sales channels, online food ordering portals and websites, all from one central view. Monitor delivery times so that customers always get their food on time. Assign orders to your drivers and monitor their location on the map to keep your customers updated about their order status.

An app for drivers to accept and receive delivery orders. Simple and functional. When your driver looks at the order details, the app will show the delivery address on the map and determine the optimal route. Having to enter delivery addresses into the GPS navigation system is now a thing of the past! If the customer suddenly decides to change the payment method, the driver can easily change it via the app.

You no longer need to pay an employee to take orders. Thanks to the auto dispatch function, the system automatically accepts orders, assigns them to available drivers, and determines the quickest delivery route.

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) app for handling delivery orders was developed to streamline the functioning of restaurants. It will show the kitchen staff the order of the dishes to be followed, so that the driver has time to deliver them to the customers according to the quoted delivery time. 

Take your management to the next level. Analyze sales data, driver performance, costs and delivery times on an ongoing basis. Monitor customer satisfaction ratings of completed orders. This will enable you to identify new areas that can improve your restaurant’s efficiency.

Advanced system functionalities

Auto dispatch

You no longer need to pay an employee to take orders. Thanks to the auto dispatch function, the system automatically accepts orders, assigns them to available drivers, and determines the quickest delivery route.

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Delivery time estimation

Papu.io uses artificial intelligence to automatically estimate the food delivery time to the customer – the so-called estimated time of arrival (ETA). By providing customers with an accurate delivery time, you will increase customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of cancellations due to excessive waiting times.


True opinions of our customers

We were searching for a product to help us streamline the order-taking process for a long time – we have now found it. They are open to all suggestions, including ones recommending improvements to the quality and functionality of the program

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owner of Pizzeria Wrocław Nocą

We’ve collaborated with Papu.io for over a year. The app is highly recommended; it contains all the features and improvements you expect from such a system. The processes of taking orders, assigning drivers and billing have been optimally simplified.

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owner of Fresh Pizza Poznań

If you are doubtful about the benefits of the Papu.io order management system, make sure to contact the Viet Long restaurant and ask Adam, the restaurant’s owner, to come to the phone.

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owner of Viet Long Będzin

Take your restaurant
management to
the next level

Take your restaurant management to the next level

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General informations

Are you looking for restaurant management software that will help you boost your delivery sales? If so, you have come to the right place. Papu.io is a delivery management software designed for delivery restaurants. Small and chain restaurants use Papu.io to cut down their delivery times, accelerate the acquisition of positive reviews and improve their online ratings. The system includes a delivery and order management module with a driver tracking app, estimated time of arrival module, auto dispatch module, and customer feedback tool for restaurants. In addition, we offer a ready-to-use webshop for restaurants where you can start selling your dishes online. Each module helps restaurants with different areas of delivery management, making the entire process easy and more efficient. The variety of solutions allows the system to operate as a pizza delivery tracking system or restaurant automation software for sushi premises. It doesn’t matter what type of restaurant you have or whether it is small or large. If you deliver and you have your own drivers, this system is for you.

The main functionality of our system is accepting orders from food delivery platforms, webshops, and integrated POS systems from one central panel. Integrating online orders in one central view allows minimizing order mistakes. The module is connected with a driver management application that helps you monitor the current location of drivers in restaurants.

Many restaurant owners are forced to deal with the problem of bad customer reviews published online. Especially in delivery restaurants, where it’s harder to collect positive restaurant feedback or tell which order a negative review refers to. This is where our restaurant customer feedback tool comes into play. After each delivery, the system asks customers to evaluate the order and, in the case of a positive opinion, encourages them to publish it online. With our customer satisfaction management module for delivery restaurants, you will collect positive online reviews up to 9 times faster.

Our system wouldn’t be complete without the estimated time of arrival tracking. Our system calculates ETA based on, among others, the number of orders in the queue, the delivery address, road congestion data, as well as the availability and the current location of the drivers. Thanks to ETA, a dispatcher can inform customers about the expected time of arrival of their food when they place an order.

Auto dispatch is an automated dispatch system for delivery restaurants. It automatically accepts orders, assigns them to drivers, and plans delivery routes, so you don’t need a dispatcher to take delivery orders. Welcome restaurant automation! Let us do the job for you.

To make sure all your online orders are in one place, you need a restaurant website with an online ordering solution. A ready-to-use website for a restaurant will allow you to sell your dishes online. Remember, we don’t take any commission from online orders, so all your profit goes only to you!