Delivery automation

for your restaurant automates delivery and customer satisfaction management. Delivery restaurants use to reduce delivery times and improve their online ratings, boosting their delivery revenue in the process.


Faster deliveries

Did you know that faster delivery is the most vital factor influencing customers’ satisfaction with their orders? With, you can reduce your delivery times on average by up to 40%.

Boost in reputation

Thanks to the customer satisfaction module, you will amplify positive comments about your restaurant and improve your online ratings.

Increased revenue

Faster delivery equals more satisfied customers, which in turn means more positive reviews online and more profit for your restaurant!


Delivery management

Use one main panel to manage orders from different integrated sales channels. Keep an eye on order delivery times so the food reaches your customers without delay. Monitor the location of your drivers on the map, and keep your customers informed about the status of their orders.

Customer satisfaction

Collect customer satisfaction feedback on each delivery. Automatic notifications will encourage satisfied customers to publish their ratings online. As a result, you will amplify positive reviews about your restaurant and improve your online ratings.

Auto dispatch

You no longer need to pay an employee to take orders. Thanks to the auto dispatch feature, the system will automatically take the orders, assign them to available drivers, and determine the route.

Estimated time of arrival

Using an algorithm, the system automatically calculates the food delivery time, the so-called estimated time of arrival (ETA), at the same time the customer places an order. By providing customers with a more accurate delivery time, you can boost customer satisfaction by up to 30%.


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