How to increase the number of deliveries in your restaurant?


If you ever wonder what to do to increase the number of deliveries in your restaurants, we have something for you. As a matter of fact, if you remember what was our previous post about, today’s topic should not surprise you!

Deliveries are the future. We said it once and we can repeat it one more time with a clear conscience. It is estimated that by 2025 the online food orders market will reach the value of  200 billion USD (in Poland alone it is over 130,000,000 (yes 130 million!!!) deliveries made annually. Deliveries are the future. What can you do to increase their number and stand out from the competition?

Ensure high-quality delivery.

Many factors influence the high quality of delivery. The customer wants the delivered meal to be warm and look just as good as in the picture. There is a reason for the saying “our eyes are bigger than our belly”. The meal does not serve only to satisfy hunger but also to give pleasure. That is why it is important to properly pack food.  Remember about 2 ground rules:

  • always pack cold and hot food separately
  • packaging has a huge impact on the restaurant’s image. By using ecological alternatives you can gain a lot in the eyes of a large group of customers. Besides, the packaging is a powerful marketing tool that can help your restaurant to stand out from the competition.

These small changes in the long term will increase your profit.

If deliveries generate a significant portion of your turnover, limit the number of menu items that lose their appetizing appearance on the way to the customer. Deliver food that is easy to pack and heat later.      

                 It should look like this:             sometimes, unfortunately, it looks like this:

Make data-driven decisions

Your restaurant will start generating more profit if you take a moment and find the answers to the following questions:

Check the age group of your clients:

  • start with social media – look who likes your site and comments on posts,
  • check the age group of your regular customers,
  • ask your drivers how they rate the age of the people who pick up their orders,
  • make several deliveries yourself, this experience will be a valuable lesson and source of information for you.

Verify the times and days you sell the most:

  • if you don’t have a system it will be more difficult, but it’s still worth looking at the notebook, file or just kitchen tickets with order details,
  • if you have POS – the matter is much simpler. Check what time of day the highest profits are generated. Use the periodic reports that the system generates. Find out what customers prefer to take away.

 The collected information will help you not only to customize the language you use in your marketing communication but also to choose the right promotional strategy.

  Apply new sales techniques like:

  • up-selling – offer guests a more expensive version of the original order. Does your customer want orange juice? Instead of ordinary, bottled one, offer it’s more expensive equivalent – a delicious, freshly squeezed juice,
  • cross-selling – encourage customers to buy a product complementary to the ordered dish. Mr. Smith is buying a burger? For a few euro more he can enjoy extra fries.

Take care of the key elements of supply – drivers

Remember that drivers are the showcase of your restaurant. The assessment of delivery is influenced by:

  • Driver’s personal culture – even if not everything goes best with delivery, a cultural approach can make up for that,
  • Delivery time – customers rate is almost as important as the quality of the food ordered,
  • Delivery quality – how the customer assesses the packaging, appearance of imported food, temperature, etc.

This all affects the final assessment. We do not need to explain why it is better if the client gives 5 stars rather than one …

How POS can help you

The right tool will help improve the quality of delivery, reduce the number of kilometers drivers make, and choose the right marketing strategy. Thanks to the system you will know:

  • what are your employees doing,
  • where are the drivers,
  • what is the average delivery time,
  • which driver is the most efficient,
  • which of the waiters takes the most orders and generates the largest, average order value,
  • which dishes are most frequently ordered

You will gain control over what is happening in your restaurant and improve your financial results.

Drivers are the showcase of your restaurant. Equip them with modern technology and build the image of an attractive employer.

 Information and control

The number of people ordering food online is increasing every year. Demand breeds supply, which is why more and more restaurants offer home delivery of food. To stand out from the competition, base your marketing strategy on the information. Take care of high-quality deliveries and leave nothing to chance. Technology is your friend, so don’t let attachment to traditional methods kill your sales. If you apply all these rules, you will increase the number of your deliveries in no time!