POS system for gastronomy ?! I don’t need it!


If you think that the POS system for gastronomy is another invention and unnecessary investment, let us prove You wrong …

There was probably a voice of dissent in your head now. It is normal that you have doubts. After all, if something works for the next few years, why change it, right?

Remember that not always what is known and simple is what is best for your business. Just because something “works” does not mean that it cannot work better and bring profits that you have never dreamed of.

Restaurateur! We understand your reality and doubts about the new solution. You don’t want to invest money at the very beginning or sign up for a program agreement that needs updating every year. There are a lot of questions:

How can you fit additional equipment on a narrow counter and when will you find a moment to integrate it with other tools?

  • You don’t want to waste money or time to conduct hourly training on how to operate another “miraculous” solution. 
  • You feel anxiety when you hear the passwords: technology, system, computer or application …
  • You are afraid that your employees won’t handle it.

 The gastronomy industry is dynamic. One day you are on top, the other you are out of the game … and you still have to pay the last installment for POS, which was only a few months in use … We don’t wish it to anyone and remember! It doesn’t have to be this way.

What not to invest in and what should catch your attention

There are programs on the market that will improve the organization of your restaurant’s work and solve all of the above problems at the same time.

Start by answering a simple question. What does your business specialize in? Do you live on supplies, or do they form a marginal part of your income? A good POS system is a system that responds to your needs.

When analyzing various offers, remember that it is not worth contracting for many years. The purchase of equipment is connected with the necessity to update it later. By paying in the subscription system, you can opt-out at any time. Along with the first payment, you get a guarantee that the company’s efforts will not end on signing the deal! If you take this big step and you decide to throw away sticky notes, first make sure you are choosing the best option possible.

Invest in an easy-to-use tool! Even if you shun technology in your life, learning how to use it should not take more than 30 minutes. The new system MUST work on what you already have. A post-leasing computer and cash register is enough. It makes no sense to constantly buy new computers, printers, etc.

Why should I invest in POS system?

Ok, you are slowly starting to believe that POS is not evil itself. The next step is to answer the question of how it can help you.

Are you saying that rewriting orders from sticky notes is no work? What if they flow from different channels at the same time? Unfortunately, customers do not appear one after the other as we would like. Peace and quiet are interrupted by a sudden stream of telephones. The waitress didn’t finish rewriting the first order when another person rings and the voucher printer spits out orders from takeaway.com  Your employees are doing their best, but they are not able to control the chaos that has just taken over your restaurant. In the moments of the heavy traffic, every second count.

Now think that you have a device that:

  • collects orders from various sales channels in one place, 
  • indicates the time left for your team to carry them out, 
  • gives waiters an insight into the delivery area 
  • allows assigning drivers to specific orders.

Life just got a little easier;)


What system will do for You?

POS programs have more functions that can help you and your team at work. Controlling drivers, sales reports at the end of the day, assigning responsibility for individual tasks, ability to view what is happening in your premises at any time are just some of them!

To sum up – do not be afraid of the new solutions! What’s new and scary at the very beginning, soon can become a tool you can’t work without!

Remember, the market offers many solutions, and each of them is promoted as “the best”. Before making a decision, think about how the system can help your business and what is important for You.

One thing is certain –  times of the sticky notes are long gone, and we do not want you to be left behind!

See you on the bright side 😉