A short guide on how to start selling on Facebook

In this article, you will find out how to start selling on Facebook. Step by step we will get You through opening a store on you page and redirecting customers to your online store. If you don’t have it yet – don’t worry! We have a solution for that too, just keep reading!


Nowadays, an entrepreneur (especially a restaurateur) without a website is like a shoemaker without shoes. Why? The global e-commerce market is growing at an amazing rate – 8.7% per year.  In 2019 e-commerce sales in Europe reached  621 billion euros!! 

It is estimated that the total number of online stores is somewhere between 12 and 24 million worldwide! The Nasdaq.com portal predicts that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online!

Therefore, a growing number of restaurateurs, wanting to move with the times and sell via the Internet, decide to cooperate with portals ( for example Uber Eats)  that sell restaurant dishes through their website. The main disadvantage of such a system is the high commission, which portals charge for every order placed by their site.

That is why thinking about creating your own sales channels is an idea worth considering.

Fortunately, social media is here to lend a helping hand!


If you run a restaurant, you probably have a facebook site for your place. If you have some followers who are NOT your family members- congratulations! You can start adding a shop to your FB page! Today we will tell you step by step how to do it.

Go to the main page of your FB fanpage and click on settings in the upper right corner.

Then click on “Templates and tabs” and go to the bottom of the page.

Use the “Add a tab” button.

Select a store from the list of available options.

After clicking on the “Add Tab” button, section “Shop” will be visible on your main Facebook page on the left.

To make the store more visible, it is worth adding a “Shop Now” button. You can do it by clicking the “Add button” tab. If you don’t do it, customers will see the “Send Message” content, which Facebook sets automatically if you don’t decide differently.

After clicking the “Add button” tab, select “Shop with you” from the list of available options.                                                     

Then select “Shop now” from the drop-down menu and go to the next tab by clicking “Next”.                                      

Facebook will now ask you where you would like to redirect people using the selected button. Your customers can buy directly on your fanpage or on your restaurant’s website (if you have a shop on it).

Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages. Further, we will analyze with you how to sell directly through Facebook and what goes with it. If you are not interested in this option, you can go directly to the “Option number 2”, in which we will explain how the store connected to the website works.


Option # 1 –  Redirecting customers to the website of your choice.


Redirecting the customer to the site where you will be selling is the optimal choice. Selling through an online store is much more efficient due to the automation of taking orders, which is not possible on your fanpage. If you don’t already have a shop on your site, Papu will help you set it up! The online store created by PAPU.io for your restaurant costs only 150 PLN per month, fixed amount without commission on orders!

 How to redirect customers to the online store website?

 The matter is very simple. In step 2 (configuring the  “shop now” button) we choose an option  “Website link” …


… and we paste a link that will direct customers to our online store. In our case, it will be https://testowa.papu.io/, which we created for the purpose of this entry.

Finally, we finish editing using the “Finish” button.

The “Shop Now” button is already configured!

In the next step, you have to go back to the main page of your fanpage and enter the “shop” tab. The following message will be displayed:

To continue, you must accept Seller’s Terms and Policies. Then Facebook will ask you again if you prefer to redirect customers to the store’s website or run the store directly on FB. Select the option “Checkout on another website”.

In the next step, we decide in what currency we want to sell.

After saving our selection, we can start adding products to our store. (Click on the “Add product” banner).

After adding photos of dishes, their description, and prices, you must re-paste the link to the page where your customers will complete the transaction. To finish, click on the “Add product” button.

Now customers who want to buy something on your FB page will be redirected to your online shop. See how it can look like!


Option # 2 – sales directly via Fb.

 If you want your dishes to be visible on the Facebook page, you must select the “Shop on  your Page” tab…

… and then finish editing. 

You must do the same with the “Store” tab. Instead of choosing the option “Checkout on another website”,  select the “Message to buy” tab.

In this case, Facebook will also ask us in what currency we want to sell. After that, we can start adding products.

In this step, all you have to do is set the price of your products, add a photo that screams tasty and a short description. After that, you will finish editing by clicking on “Add product”.

Finally, the store on your site is working, but it’s worth considering whether selling directly through FB is the best solution possible.


The biggest downside is the lack of a transparent sales system. If the person visiting our site wants to buy something, he can do it by messaging you. With a larger number of orders, the system will be inefficient due to the inability to automatically confirm orders. Replying to individual messages takes a long time. Not all orders will be standard. How often have you had a customer ask you to change an ingredient in a dish or add another?

That’s right, it happens quite often. Setting details through a messenger is not effective and will slow down your team’s work.


Certainly, starting sales online is not as difficult as attracting customers to your website. Therefore, we encourage You to learn how to increase the number of deliveries in your restaurant, and thus the amount of money in your wallet, as well as the benefits and disadvantages of working with portals.  🙂

Good luck!