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A short guide on how to start selling on Facebook

In this article, you will find out how to start selling on Facebook. Step by step You will learn how to redirect customers to your online store. If you don’t have it yet – don’t worry! We have a solution for that too, just keep reading!


Nowadays, an entrepreneur (especially a restaurateur) without a website is like a shoemaker without shoes. Why? The global e-commerce market is growing at an amazing rate – 8.7% per year.  In 2019 e-commerce sales in Europe reached  621 billion euros!! 

Therefore, a growing number of restaurateurs want to start selling via the Internet. Some of them decide to cooperate with portals (for example UberEats) and sell dishes through their website. The main disadvantage of such a system is the high commission, which intermediaries charge for every order placed on their site.

That is why thinking about creating your own sales channels is an idea worth considering.

Fortunately, social media is here for You, lending a helping hand!


If you run a restaurant, you probably have a Facebook site for your place. Most restaurateurs use it to communicate with their customers. If you have some followers who are NOT your family members – congratulations! You can start adding a shop to your FB page! Today we will tell you step by step how to do it.

Go to the main page of your FB fan page and click on Settings in the bottom left column.

Then click on the “Templates and cards” tab.

From the list of available options choose the “shop” card. 

If you want the card to be more visible, hold the mouse on the shop icon and move it up …

… just below the “Home” tab.

From now on, the “Shop” tab will be visible on the main page of your fan page.                      Click on it. 

A screen will display the following information:

Facebook is now asking you how you want to sell – directly via your fan page or through your restaurant’s website. Since direct sales are material for a separate entry, today we will tell you more about the second option.

Redirecting customers to the restaurant’s website.

If you have your restaurant’s website but you don’t have a store on it yet, don’t worry! Papu.io will help you set it up!

An online store created by PAPU.io for your restaurant is a fixed, small monthly cost, with no commission on orders!

How to redirect customers to your online store?

The matter is very simple. First, go to the Facebook Ad Manager using the “Go to Commerce Manager” button.

Then, from the three available options, select the “Your Website” tab and click the “Get Started” button.

If you run more than one company account, Facebook will ask you for which you want to create a store.

Then it will ask you for an account name, visible only to you, and for your work email. If you previously had a Business Manager Account, FB will ask you if you want to work on it or create a new one, as shown in an example below.

You can also add an Instagram account if You want to connect it with your online shop.

The last step is to choose the name for the catalog of the dishes that you will have in your menu and confirm the data you entered. The shop will be created after the information is verified by Facebook and after you accept the trade agreement. If you choose option 1 – redirection to the website with the online store, verification of the account takes about one day. This period is extended to 2 weeks if you want to sell directly on Facebook.

Add menu photos

When running a store with a reference to your website, you can add photos of the products along with their description. Facebook also allows you to create catalogs, but for restaurants, it is not necessary. To add products, go to the “Overview” section and click on the “Add Items” banner.

In the next step, choose the “add manually” option and click the “Next” button.

Now you can add photos of your menu and a short description.

Then provide a link to the page where your customers can complete their purchase. Be sure to include the price in the currency of the country where you are selling.

Skip Facebook’s question about the brand, as well as the visibility and availability of the product in stock.

After completing all the data, click the “add product” button.

Do the same with the rest of the menu. When you finish, click the “done” button.

In the Commerce Manager, you can also create dish sets. To create one, go to the “Catalog” section and click on the “Sets” tab. In the next step, click on the button “Create Set”.

Enter the name and add dishes to the set. After filling in the necessary information, confirm your choice by clicking the “Create” button.

Congratulations! Your shop is all set up! If you want to change its appearance, go to the “Shops” tab and click the “Edit” button. FB Manager has a tutorial that will guide you through the entire process.

The last step you can take to make your store more visible is to edit the CTA button. First, in the FB Ads Manager, go to the “Overview” tab and then click on the name of your restaurant.

On the main page, click on “Edit Button” from the drop-down menu.

From the given options, select “Order food” …

… and enter the link to your restaurant’s website.

Now customers visiting your restaurant’s FB fan page can easily be redirected to your online store. See how it can look like!


You already know how to connect your online shop with Facebook. Now you should think about how to encourage your followers to use the new tab! A good and proven idea is, for example, organizing competitions! 

If you want to know more ways to increase your online sales, be sure to check out our previous post!

And if you prefer to sell directly via FB, don’t worry. Check our blog often because we are preparing something special for You! Stay tuned!


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