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We help restaurants providing delivery service to make better and smarter decisions through the automation of delivery logistics management. Papu.io was created for restaurants with their own drivers. Our system offers delivery order management across all integrated sales channels, ensures customer satisfaction management, provides order taking and order dispatch automation, predicts the estimated time of the order’s arrival and much, much more!

Our story

We started our adventure with the food service sector in 2015 as Papukurier, a company supplying drivers to restaurants across Poland. Over the three years of our operation, we have made more than a quarter of a million deliveries and employed several hundred drivers in the largest Polish cities.

We learned a lot about the problems of restaurateurs, waiters and drivers. We found out just how many decisions they have to make on a daily basis and what affects customer satisfaction in restaurants providing delivery service.

We noticed that although the world was digitizing and automating, the food service industry was standing still. Since 2018, we have been helping restaurants work more efficiently, deliver food faster, and increase customer satisfaction through their delivery service.




millions of orders​



Our vision

We believe that automation is the answer to a multitude of problems faced by restaurateurs.

From the very beginning, we wanted to help restaurants that deliver meals around the world to make better and smarter decisions. And, as time goes on, even replace the human factor.

Our aim is to replace human decision making in the delivery management process so as to improve customer satisfaction, ultimately encouraging restaurant guests to return to your establishment.


Emil Konrad


Michał Strecker



Krzysztof Tokarski


Mateusz Bodio


Marcin Hauffa


Marcin Sieniek

Angel Investor, Machine Learning Lead

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