Controlling the work of drivers – one of the biggest problems of restaurants

How to control drivers’ working time? What to do to keep them on course and how to improve the quality of delivery? Is it worth investing in applications for drivers? All of these questions we will answer in today’s article!

How can you control drivers’ working time? What can you do to keep them on course, and how can you improve the quality of delivery? Is it worth investing in applications for drivers? We will answer all of these questions in today’s article!

If you have good, hard-working drivers – respect them!

Honest and hard-working drivers are essential to the success of your restaurant. They are the calling card of your business, and they have a significant impact on the level of customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, hard-working and loyal employees are often hard to find.

If you want to be sure that your drivers work reliably and that food reaches customers on time, invest in an application for drivers.

How does an application for drivers help your business?

Investing in an application for drivers will help you solve three main problems faced by restaurants offering food delivery.

1.It will help you reduce the number of negative comments on the Internet. Of course, the application for drivers will not increase your chef’s skills, but it can have a great impact on reducing delivery times.

Failure to deliver an order on time is one of the main complaints of customers of restaurants that offer delivery. People who receive a cold meal often feel obliged to inform the rest of the world about it, and the Internet is of great help here. An application for drivers solves this problem.

The application, connected with the POS system, shares the location of drivers, so you can see where they are, where they are going, and whether they deliver meals on time. What’s more important – the system is fully remote! All you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection to check your daily turnover, see what your employees are doing, or check how many meals have been delivered.


2.The application for drivers simplifies and speeds up settlement at the end of the day.

The real scourge for restaurant owners and their employees is settling driver’s work at the end of the day. In order to do this correctly, you have to find out where they have been, which orders they delivered, how much cash they had with them, whether they made any purchases along the way, etc. Of course, all calculations are made using a piece of paper and a pen, and there is always something that doesn’t add up. Sound familiar? But it doesn’t have to. With the application for suppliers, you can settle drivers in 2 minutes. The application remembers and processes the data needed for billing and gives the final value due to each supplier. As a result, you can be sure that the appropriate amount of cash ends up in the cash register and that your employees finish their shift on time!


3.You will reduce staff turnover and the average onboarding time of your employees. Has your driver quit overnight? This happens a lot in the food service industry… To reduce employee turnover, you need to ensure greater work convenience. The application for drivers can help you with that. How?

  • The application for drivers has a built-in GPS – it guides the driver straight to the customer’s door.
  • Suppliers can contact the ordering party from the application. For you, this is great news in terms of data protection (sticky notes with customer addresses and phone numbers like to get lost) and great convenience for the driver.
  • Drivers can see the details of the order – customers cannot accuse them that something is missing because everything is saved in the application.
  • Drivers waste no time – suppliers are often paid according to the number of deliveries made. Thanks to the application connected to the POS system, restaurant employees know how to combine orders in the most optimal way, which leads to increased efficiency of drivers and translates into higher earnings!


Taking all this into consideration, the onboarding of new employees takes less time and is less stressful. application

Are you unsure which application for suppliers is worth your money? is a comprehensive solution for restaurants offering delivery, recommended by both restaurant owners and drivers themselves. Thanks to, you will shorten the delivery time by an average of 8 minutes and improve your online ratings. The application will increase the convenience of your drivers’ work and give you more control over your business.

Discover how works. Fill in the form by clicking on the “Test the demo” banner.


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