Auto dispatch for restaurants

You no longer need to pay an employee to take orders. Thanks to the auto dispatch function, the system itself will accept orders and assign them to available drivers. The drivers’ phone app will inform them about a particular order and direct them to the customer’s door. With the auto dispatch function, you can reduce your delivery times by up to 40%.



Automated dispatch planning

Thanks to the auto dispatch function, all orders that come into the system are automatically accepted and distributed between the drivers who are on their shift. The system analyzes delivery addresses and drivers’ current location and – based on this information – assigns them specific orders.


Route planning

By analyzing traffic congestion, the system selects the quickest possible route to the customer. This saves you mileage on each order and reduces delivery time.

Machine Learning

Route planning and driver assignment are done using artificial intelligence, which looks at driver availability, the number of miles they have to travel, the number of orders in the queue and many other factors. This allows the system to choose the most optimal solution to get the order to the customer without delay.


Saving employee work time

Thanks to the automated order assignment function, you no longer need to pay an employee to take orders and distribute them among drivers.

Mileage savings on each order

The optimal route planning feature allows you to save mileage on each delivery order.

Shorter delivery times

The use of machine learning algorithms for driver assignment and route planning will allow you to shorten your delivery times by up to 40%.

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