How to deal with bad customer reviews?

How to deal with bad customer reviews? No matter how hard you try to make your restaurant meet the expectations of all guests, You will not be able to please everyone.

No matter how hard you try to make your restaurant meet the expectations of all guests, You will not be able to please everyone. Mistakes happen, it’s natural, but you have to know how to deal with them. Today we will tell you about how to come away “unscathed” from the situation, despite unfavorable reviews on the Internet.

Your customers’ opinions are important!

At the very beginning, it is worth noting that opinions posted on the Internet are a very important element of your company’s image. Reviews are the first thing customers will notice when choosing a restaurant. Research shows that online reviews influence 68% of buyers’ decisions. This is an incredibly high number!

So what to do to do better? Here are some helpful tips!

What is worth remembering?

Please read the opinion carefully

Even though people leaving their reviews are often in the wake of emotions, some of the reviews are just constructive criticism. Carefully read your customer’s opinions, familiarize yourself with the problem and draw conclusions!

Fast response

Time is very important when responding to a negative review. Remember that Customer Experience is crucial and that there are no impossible situations. If You feel like a mistake was made on your part, admit to it and apologize. A customer should feel that his opinion matters. Sometimes the mere promise of improvement is enough!


Remember to always respond in a nice way. Any criticism is hard to deal with, but it is important that you be understanding. Also, watch out for typos and grammar mistakes.

Encourage customers to leave a review

It is often the case that despite a pleasant visit to the restaurant, customers do not leave a review- why? They just don’t remember about it, so it’s worth encouraging them a little bit! In the case of on-site orders, short information in the menu is sufficient. When ordering on the Internet, it is worth reminding the customer to leave an opinion via e-mail.

Respond to every review

Remember that every review is important, so respond not only to negative but also to positive comments. Always tell your employees about the positive feedback from customers – it definitely raises the morale of the team!

What should a response to a negative review look like?

  • Apologize: “Hello, thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you didn’t enjoy your dining experience. We can try to make it up for You.”
  • Express your concern: “We would like to point out that we prepare our meals with the utmost care and we want each of our clients to feel taken care of.”
  • You respond to the client, but also to future clients: “We will make sure that this never happens again.”
  • Approach the case individually: “We encourage you to contact us by e-mail – address. We will gladly answer all your doubts and give you a discount coupon in the form of compensation. Each opinion is extremely important to us.”
  • Encourage you to visit again: “We hope that today’s visit will not discourage you to visit our restaurant again!”

Sample answers

Most online reviews cover topics such as price, quality of meals or service Here are some sample answers that you can save for later, but be sure to tailor them to each client!

“The food wasn’t good”

Be understanding, after all, it is difficult to please everyone. Find out why the dish was not enough and try to work on it. You can compensate the customer for a meal that is not tasty, thereby encourage him to visit your restaurant again.

“Service wasn’t top-notch”

Again, mistakes happen! After all, restaurant employees are the only people who Apologize to the client and promise improvement. Don’t forget to talk with your team about the situation, maybe something has happened that you should be aware of.

“Too long delivery”

It is hard to estimate the delivery time perfectly. Many things are beyond your control – traffic jams, technical problems with the car, problems with getting to the address. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help You deliver food faster, and one of them is the system. It is an intelligent system that helps automate delivery management, where you can assign an order to a driver with two clicks and then monitor its current location on the map. Thanks to, you have remote control over your deliveries from anywhere and at any time.

If you want to find out what else can do for your restaurant – make an appointment with our specialist.

“High prices”

We know well that many factors affect the final price of dishes, such as the cost of the product, fixed costs, maintenance costs, and much more! However, not every customer remembers it. If the consumer complains about the prices in your restaurant, it is worth explaining calmly your side of the story.


Reviews can be a key factor in your restaurant’s success. Remember not to take them personally and see them as a learning opportunity. We hope you will find our advice useful so that you will know how to respond to negative feedback. I guess now it’s time to go over your restaurant reviews!
Good luck!

Find out how will help you deal with the negative opinions of your clients? Make an appointment with our specialist.


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