How to step up your customer service in a delivery restaurant?

How your restaurant is perceived depends not only on the food you serve, but also on the experiences you offer your customers.

How your restaurant is perceived depends not only on the food you serve but also on the experiences you offer to your customers. It is no secret that taking care of the customer’s satisfaction is one of the most important components of success. However, how to take care of customer experience in a restaurant that mainly delivers? In this case, you will not convince the customer with an effective interior, pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant, or efficient waiter service. So what to do to leave a good impression?

Customer service

The so-called Customer Experience begins with the first words spoken by the employee when receiving the order.

What to pay attention to?

  • Say hello
    Apparently, the smile can even be heard! A nice customer greeting can be your way to introduce a friendly atmosphere.
  • Talk
    Remember that customer experience in a delivery restaurant starts with a phone call. Take some time to tell the customers about the offer of your restaurant, and help them choose something from the menu – this way You can build a positive image in the eyes of your clients!
  • “Is it all for you”
    Sometimes we simply forget about certain details, it is worth asking the client if his order is properly completed and if he would like to order something else.
  • Say goodbye and say thanks!
    A few simple words can make the customer remember your restaurant more pleasantly.
  • Encourage clients to place orders through your website
    A phone call is a great opportunity to promote your online store! Don’t miss that opportunity!

Online menu 

Remember that the menu should be well structured, legible, and should not be too long! You probably want to offer your customers the greatest possible choice, but the greater the variety of dishes, the more difficult it is for the customer to make a decision. There is no doubt that the online menu should be structured differently from the menu available in restaurants with clients on-site. When creating a menu, consider the following:

  • how quickly a dish cools or becomes watered down;
  • which menu items are the most popular;
  • which menu items will lose their aesthetic value along the way.

If you are interested in how prices and the appearance of the menu affect the customer’s perception, see our previous article, from which you will learn how to correctly plan a pricing strategy in your restaurant.


Consider raising the standards of your packaging. The more inventive and creative the solutions, the better!

  • Take care of the environment
    We live in a time when more and more people want to make informed choices. Instead of offering another plastic container, stand out from the other restaurants and offer something different. Dishes served in jars or paper versions of standard packaging are becoming a new trend.
  • Be curious
    How the packaging looks can perfectly reflect the character of your restaurant! Who says packaging has to be boring and gray? Design yours to be one of a kind. Play with the form, colors, add interesting inscriptions – in the age of Instagram, the visual side is very important.
  • Promote your brand
    Don’t forget that your restaurant’s logo should be on the packaging. Take care of every detail!
  • Test your packaging
    Before you start using them on a daily basis, check if they fulfill their function well.

On the Internet, you will find many websites that allow you to design your own packaging, completely yourself!

Give a small gift

Thank your customers by attaching handwritten thanks to the order – after all, everyone likes to receive gifts! Additionally, encourage them to visit your social media and leave a review.

Comprehensive delivery

When delivering meals, time is a priority! According to research, over 73% of consumers value the convenience and speed of the service the most. Therefore, as a restaurateur, you should make sure that each dish is warm and delivered on time.

External companies offering services that support the delivery process come to the rescue. In – we enable assigned orders to the driver, view his current position on the map and enable remote control of the restaurant 24/7 – which helps to verify the performance of your employees.
Zwróć uwagę, że kierowca jest wizytówką Twojej restauracji. Warto, aby prezentował się schludnie i był uprzejmy – dobrze, jeśli miałby na sobie założoną firmową bluzę, to zdecydowanie dodaje profesjonalizmu!

Remember that faster deliveries mean satisfied customers, and satisfied customers mean more positive opinions on the Internet!

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