Expectations of restaurants with their own drivers toward POS systems

Forecasts predict that in 2025, in Poland alone, there will be 13.5 million people ordering food for delivery. Some of the restaurants, according to different estimates from 10% up to 15% of them, do not want to hand their money over to intermediaries, they decide to deliver the food themselves. Expectations and needs of restaurants with their own delivery toward POS systems significantly differ themselves from restaurants that use food portals drivers.

What features should a POS system have to provide genuine assistance to delivery restaurants?

Over the last 4 years on talking to owners of delivery restaurants, we noticed that they all experienced the same type of problems. Staff shortages, problems with drivers, traffic-related difficulties, late deliveries and the resulting negative online reviews. Such are the day-to-day challenges faced by all these restaurateurs. A large share of eateries have accepted this situation as they are doubtful about its likely improvement. Only food outlets that have achieved a certain scale while employing at least few drivers start to look for a POS system that would help them organise the whole process.

Map showing orders and the location of drivers

Order delivery management becomes easier when you can check the location of your drivers and confirm the time they have left to deliver their orders. The map gives restaurateurs full control over the delivery process – from the moment of taking the order to its delivery. The ability to assign orders to drivers means they don’t have to waste time calling restaurants to find out exactly how much time they have left to get to the customer.


KDS software, i.e. kitchen display system, is a solution that is particularly useful for restaurants with their own drivers. Once an order is entered into the POS system, the kitchen already sees which dish to start preparing and knows which orders are most urgent and should go out first. The KDS system can have a real impact on the productivity of the kitchen team. As the chefs see all the orders alongside each other, they can start prepping the same dishes simultaneously.

Auto Dispatch

This functionality automates the entire delivery process and reduces the number of people needed on each shift. Thanks to auto dispatch, delivery orders are automatically assigned to drivers. As a result, hiring a dispatcher to manage deliveries is unnecessary. The whole process takes place without human intervention.


A suitable POS system for a restaurant with its own drivers doesn’t have to have a million different functionalities. It is not the quantity that determines the quality of a solution. What is important is that the solution is tailored to current market demands. The number of restaurants offering customer delivery is increasing and so is the number of restaurateurs who will be on the search for such a system. Adding new functionalities to an existing system is laborious and generates additional costs. A less costly alternative is integration with systems that already have all these functionalities. If you are a POS system manufacturer and are looking for a solution to add restaurants providing their own delivery service to your customer database, contact us by completing the form on this page. 


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