How to build a loyal group of customers in food delivery?

Having customers who regularly come back to your restaurant is essential for the continued growth of your business. As a restaurateur, you might be unaware of which steps you should be taking to promote your restaurant and encourage customers to place regular orders for their favorite dishes. You can take advantage of several solutions to help you achieve a balance between seasonal orders and those that recur frequently.

How to satisfy your customers’ needs?

Have you ever wondered why consumers choose a particular eatery? What is it that attracts their attention? There are many answers to this question. One answer might be the following – customers pay attention to standards. They care mostly about satisfying their needs – if they are hungry, they want to eat. Although this seems simple, the matter is more complicated than you think. Customers will feel satisfied and remember your premises in a positive light if you meet their immediate needs and take care of their additional expectations. We are talking about the correct execution of the order, its timely delivery and, above all, treating their order as a priority. Customers do not like to wait. Especially if they have to wait on a hungry stomach.’s dispatcher panel shows you the current location of your drivers on the map and all the accepted orders that are in the process of being delivered. This feature greatly simplifies the allocation of priority orders to your drivers. Moreover, your customers receive precise information about how long they will have to wait for their chosen dish to arrive on their doorstep already at the time of placing the order. In this way, the system helps you take care of your customers’ delivery-related needs. 

Professional restaurant website for placing orders online

Your restaurant’s website is your calling card in the virtual world. It encourages customers to place orders and try the delivery option. A website can be straightforward and simple to use or complicated and unintuitive. Guess which website your customers would prefer. Of course, a simple and effortless ordering process is key – if your website isn’t practical enough, potential customers will look for another eatery that can provide them with a delicious choice of dishes. The good news is that you don’t have to spend the last of your savings on a professional website. Your restaurant doesn’t need complicated subpages, advanced technical capabilities and the latest technological solutions. All you need is a clear, easy-to-use website with a minimalist design. The restaurant online ordering solution offered by is a fully configured restaurant webshop that customers find simple to operate. customer service team will go through all the settings with you, so the website set up would go much smoother and easier than in competitive solutions available on the market. At the end of each day and month, you will receive individual sales reports. Your online shop is compatible with Google Analytics, so your knowledge of customer origins will be even more extensive. Start selling online today without having to engage in a major investment. 

Are food standards important for restaurants that offer delivery?

A regular customer knows the product that your restaurant offers. Such a customer knows a lot about the ingredients, recognizes the original flavors and has fully developed expectations. If that customer enjoys your dishes on one occasion, they will expect the same culinary experience with every subsequent order. You, as the restaurateur, should provide them with great tasting dishes every time they place their order. Whatever the time of day, month or week, every dish should be prepared according to the recipe. Make sure that your personnel always has full control over the food that comes out of the kitchen. Your staff should monitor if every ingredient is appropriately used and whether the flavor of the dish is likely to meet your customers’ expectations. 

Listen to your customers

It is the customer who will be the first to tell you what you are doing wrong. If you decide not to listen to your customers, they will look for an audience on the Internet. Customers will leave their reviews online, and these might not be entirely positive. Try listening to your customers before they share their opinions online. Remember that they see your establishment from a completely different perspective – one that you haven’t had the opportunity to try. Your customers’ opinions may prove crucial to helping you implement the necessary changes. 



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