How to increase profit thanks to sales strategies?

Sales strategies encourage the customer to place the largest order possible – and thus – spend more money. According to research, so-called “suggestive” sales can increase your restaurant’s profits by an average of 30%!

Sales strategies encourage the customer to place the largest order possible – and thus – spend more money. According to research, so-called “suggestive” sales can increase your restaurant’s profits by an average of 30%!

In this method, two things are most important – focusing on the client’s needs and well-trained staff. So how do you put the plan into action? We’d love to answer that question, but let’s first look at some popular selling techniques.

Types of sales

  • Suggestive Selling: This is what our article focuses on. As we mentioned before, it is one of the most popular sales techniques. It involves asking the customer if they want to add an additional item or service to the basic purchase.
You have introduced a new type of drink to the menu. The waiter suggests the consumer try the novelty.
  • Upselling: This is encouraging customers to try a more expensive version of the same dish. Upsell are suggestions that drive sales or profits.
While the customer wishes to order the orange juice from a bottle, the waiter may suggest ordering freshly squeezed juice.
  • Cross-selling: This includes offering guests a different but complementary item to what they have already chosen.
When choosing a burger from the customer, it is worth mentioning the fries, which taste great with the previously selected item from the menu.

Suggested Selling Benefits

You can probably guess that if the previously mentioned techniques are widely used, they bring some added value to the company. Here are some examples:

  1. Customer satisfaction
    Sales techniques enable staff to develop a deeper relationship with the customer. If you want to learn more about improving customer satisfaction in your restaurant, check out our article on Customer Experience.
  2. Employee satisfaction
    If the customer is satisfied, so will the employee! A consumer satisfied with the service and advice of the meal is more likely to reward your employee by adding a generous tip to the bill.
  3. The restaurateur’s satisfaction
    Thanks to suggestive sales, the customer orders more and spends more money. For You, It means one thing: bigger profit for your business!

Suggested selling techniques in a restaurant

You already know the benefits, but it’s time to delve into the suggestive selling techniques you can try out for your restaurant.

  • Staff training
    Take the time to ensure that your staff knows the menu well and that they have actually tasted most of the dishes and drinks on offer. This will make it easier for them to recommend meals to your guests.
  • Take advantage of the employees’ initiative
    If you have properly trained your employees and you are sure that they know your menu inside out, check how they talk to customers. Catch mistakes, specify the dishes you would like them to recommend, and let your employees take the initiative.
  • Bonus
    Nothing motivates Your employees better than a sales bonus. Remember that the most important thing when determining the amount of bonus is to set realistic goals.
  • Offer a restaurant loyalty program
    It is worth building a base of loyal customers in your restaurant. Creating a loyalty program for a restaurant can encourage guests to visit your restaurant more often. According to research conducted by QRS, loyalty programs increase profits by up to 20%.
  • Suggestive promotions
    Nothing attracts people like favorable prices! Consider introducing periodic promotions that will encourage guests to come and buy the product at a favorable price. Maybe a second pizza 50% cheaper would be a nice idea in your restaurant?

Time to start selling

We managed to gather some useful information about different sales strategies. You already know the benefits of using it. You know that it is worth training your staff properly, taking care of loyalty programs, and motivating employees with a sales bonus.
We hope that from now on, suggestive selling will become a part of everyday life in your restaurant.

We wish you a successful sales!

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