How to make money on restaurant food delivery?

Orders with delivery generate a big part of your restaurant revenue, and you want to increase profit from them? Or maybe you are just considering introducing them in your restaurant? Find out how to deal with the challenges of managing your deliveries.

The food delivery market in Poland and worldwide

The global food delivery market continues to grow exponentially. It is estimated that in 2025 the revenue generated by the market will climb to USD 471 billion, of which almost USD 300 billion will come from online food ordering platforms. The situation in Poland is different. The market share of online portals is growing, but it is still incomparably smaller than its share in the global market. According to Statista’s estimates, in 2025 only one-third of total revenue will be generated by portals for ordering food online. It seems that Polish restaurateurs can still take advantage of other methods of order sourcing. This does not mean, of course, that they should avoid collaborating with such portals.

How should the food be delivered to the client?

When commencing a food delivery service, you can decide to establish cooperation with food ordering platforms or employ your own drivers. By choosing your own drivers, you have more control over the entire delivery process and can therefore react more quickly in the event of any problems. The greatest advantage of this solution is having access to data that is rarely made available by food ordering portals. On the other hand, working with portals gives you access to a new group of potential consumers. More than fifty per cent of the people ordering food through portals will become your regular customers. Don’t forget to capitalize on this by redirecting them to commission-free sales channels, such as the phone and the webshop.

Key challenges in managing your own deliveries

Technological problems

Delivery management is no small feat. It is not uncommon for errors to occur during the order taking process, the delivering of orders to the appropriate address or keeping to the quoted delivery time. New technologies supporting the food service industry are able to solve these problems and considerably streamline the delivery process. Thanks to delivery management software specially developed for restaurants, you can accept orders from integrated sales channels in one central view and assign them to available drivers. This gives you control over the entire delivery process and allows you to reduce errors.

Staffing shortage

When planning food deliveries, you must consider the need to employ extra staff. The issue of labour shortage in the food service industry has begun to make headlines in recent months. According to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, as many as 42% of small business owners admit they are unable to fill job openings in their companies. Restaurants with insufficient employee numbers often have to resort to cutting down their menus or their opening hours. If you would like to know more, take a look at the article “How can you solve the problem of restaurant staffing shortage?

Your online image

A restaurant’s online image is absolutely crucial to its effective operation. Apart from making sure that your restaurant is visible online, you also must pay attention to its ratings. Online customer reviews are essential to your company’s image. The star rating and comments are the first things customers check when choosing a restaurant. Research shows that online reviews influence up to 68% of customers’ decisions. Find out how to effectively encourage customers to rate your restaurant.


Running a restaurant where the majority of orders are delivery orders has its challenges. You need to prepare yourself for additional costs and the need to employ extra personnel. Then there are problems linked to operational logistics and maintaining the expected food quality. To make a profit on food deliveries, you must first organize the entire process so that it runs without a hitch. This is where our software comes in. Your team, however, matters most. A close-knit team, talented chefs and data-driven decision-making are all crucial to achieving success.


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