Papu Kitchen Display System (KDS) a powerful tool?

Kitchen Display System – it could be said that nothing new could be added to improve this tool. But is that the truth? What does artificial intelligence have to do with it? Discover KDS Papu.

What is KDS Papu?

In a nutshell, the Kitchen Display System displays the meals that are to be served and orders to the kitchen staff. Most of the solutions available on the market do exactly that. Their selling point is the elimination of small pieces of paper that are difficult to read and easy to lose. KDS solutions are recommended for restaurants that serve their customers onsite and eateries that deliver. KDS Papu is so much more. Calling it a system is fully justified. Papu is an ecosystem of three programmes: a mobile application for drivers, a web application for waiters or restaurant owners, and the KDS application addressed to chefs. This provides automated collection and flow of information between all those involved in the restaurant’s operation. As a result, the pieces of paper containing orders are eliminated, which helps to avoid mistakes at every stage of the order completion process – all thanks to streamlining the communication between the waiter, the kitchen and the manager. Moreover, KDS Papu collects data that offer a wealth of opportunities. 

Why should a delivery restaurant collect data?

Data collection is associated with large companies such as Facebook and Google. Based on user behavior information, they are able to suggest interesting content, refer you to a website or sell you a product that attracts your attention. Are these solutions necessary in the case of small, traditional business outlets such as restaurants? Is it not enough to simply make good food for people to come without encouragement? Unfortunately, this is all in the past. An establishment serving food to customers should be constantly evolving, and collecting data will help you in this endeavor. Today, waiters must collect orders from multiple sources – assessing the time needed to deliver food to the customers while coordinating the kitchen and drivers. Any mistake made is money wasted. 

It is worth keeping in mind that the current version of KDS Papu collects data that will feed artificial intelligence in the future. The information stored by KDS includes the start and end time of making a particular dish, and of the entire order. All the chef has to do is mark the end of the dish preparation using the tablet. It takes a few seconds to click and does not burden the cooks with additional duties. All systems created by Papu are synchronized with each other – meaning that the KDS, the app for the driver and the dispatcher panel give the correct information for the entire process from order collection to delivery. Currently, waiters (and AI in the future) have full knowledge of everything that is taking place at all stations within the process. Thanks to data collection, they can make informed and better decisions while saving valuable time – waiters are not stuck in long conversations with drivers and having to check with the kitchen on the status of the order. 

How is artificial intelligence used in restaurants? 

The data collected by the KDS Papu system feed artificial intelligence (AI). The operating principle resembles AI winning a chess tournament with Kasparov, piloting Tesla cars or winning Star Craft at e-sports competitions. AI treats restaurant management just like a game. The winning criterion of the game depends on the owner. This may be delivering meals as quickly as possible and at the exact time or fulfilling as many orders as possible. How does it work? AI, integrated with the KDS Papu system, knowing what orders it has and where the drivers are, indicates on the screen which dishes should be prepared, how they should be divided into parcels and then to whom they should be forwarded for delivery. It also displays information about when the driver will return so that the team can make independent decisions if they wish.

What are the benefits of KDS Papu for the restaurateur?

The first advantage, and perhaps not so obvious at first glance, is peace of mind. Thanks to the KDS Papu app, the owner or manager of the restaurant can watch what is happening in the restaurant in real-time from their phone or laptop while sitting comfortably at home or when running errands. They have control over the incoming orders and can check if they are taken care of and delivered. Another benefit, perhaps not direct but equally important, is a boost in staff job satisfaction. KDS Papu eases the workload of the personnel – thanks to intelligent assistants, your team will be relieved of many tasks such as estimating delivery times, planning the order of dishes, or searching for customer addresses using inconvenient GPS applications. It will no longer be the job of the waiter, chef or driver to synchronize their responsibilities. All they have to do is enter the data truthfully into the Papu system, and AI will plan their work for them, tell them when they can take a break without any interruptions and eat a hot meal without having to rush. This also reduces time wastage which cuts down on employee numbers.

Do restaurants need KDS Papu? 

The KDS system is a useful tool that will make the work of your employees easier and provide your establishment with satisfied customers. However, the solutions that have been available on the market to date are very limited. A real game-changer is the Papu KDS solution dedicated to restaurants which mostly focus on orders delivered to customers. It combines the work of kitchens and drivers to offer a comprehensive restaurant monitoring and management system supported by artificial intelligence. You should know best whether KDS Papu would be a useful tool for your restaurant.


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