Report: Expectations of consumers ordering food to be delivered

Recent years have been particularly challenging for the food service industry. Because of the pandemic, many premises have had to change the way they operate in order to adapt to the new reality. The restrictions imposed encouraged a large share of restaurants to start selling meals with home delivery. This change resulted in numerous difficulties as the expectations of customers ordering food with delivery are considerably different from those of customers ordering meals to be eaten on-site in a restaurant.

Managing a restaurant offering delivery is not easy, which is why we have compiled a report which verifies what consumers expect from a delivery service, what influences the level of customer satisfaction in a restaurant and what restaurants offering their own delivery should pay attention to. The study was conducted using the CAVI method in Q4 2021, and it surveyed 723 consumers ordering food for delivery in Poland, Germany and Great Britain.

The report looks at the habits of consumers ordering delivery meals, the key factors influencing order satisfaction and the propensity for customers to post restaurant reviews and ratings online.

A. Factors affecting customer satisfaction with their delivery orders
B. Consumer expectations in regards to delivery times
C. Impact of restaurant online reviews
D. How to convince consumers to leave positive feedback online
E. Expectations of consumers ordering food to be delivered – overview

A. Factors affecting customer satisfaction with their delivery orders

Delivery time is the most crucial factor affecting delivery satisfaction for over 41% of respondents. People aged 25–34 place slightly more emphasis on the delivery time than the general population (51.9% of the respondents, respectively). For the 35–40 age group, the most important factor is the quality-to-price ratio (36.1% of the respondents), and for people 40+, the quality of food (31.6% of the respondents).

B. Consumer expectations in regards to delivery times

Respondents ranked delivery time as the factor that plays a key role in the overall satisfaction with their order. What is the most optimal delivery time for the consumer? Almost 30% of the respondents considered 41–50 minutes as the ideal delivery time. It turns out that consumers do not like to wait more than an hour for an order, with only 3.6% preferring a delivery time of more than 60 minutes. If you’re looking for a system for your restaurant that enables the automatic estimation of the food delivery time at the order placement stage, discover the ETA module available in the system.

C. Impact of restaurant online reviews

Restaurant customers pay particular attention to restaurant ratings. Poorly-rated restaurants, with scores lower than 3.5 stars, are almost never considered regardless of the country surveyed. Before placing an order, the majority of customers check the restaurant’s online rating. It is worth noting that 38% of Brits, 27% of Germans, and 18.5% of Poles would leave a rating online after a negative experience with their order. If you are looking for ways to increase your restaurant’s positive online reviews and ratings, it is worth using a customer satisfaction management module.

D. How to convince consumers to leave positive feedback online

In many cases, the respondents would write a positive review in exchange for a discount voucher. The statistics show that Poles expect higher discounts than the Germans and the Brits. Over 34% of Polish respondents expressed a desire to receive discounts of 25%. In contrast, 87% of Brits consider discounts of 20% as the most desirable. Germans are the least interested in receiving discounts, with 19% of those surveyed believing that a 20% discount is satisfactory.

E. Expectations of consumers ordering food to be delivered: overview

The data we have collected shows that delivery time is one of the key factors influencing customer satisfaction when placing delivery orders. Online ratings of restaurants are also crucial and determine the consumers’ choice of the eatery. As the report comprises many fascinating conclusions, we encourage you to read it in its entirety!
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