To be or not to be on food delivery platforms… That is the question!

In the 21st century, the restaurateur faces a difficult choice. Not being available online is a real blow to the knee, considering how fast the online food ordering market is growing.

In the 21st century, Restaurator faces a difficult choice. Not being on the web is a real shot in the foot considering how fast the online ordering market is growing. In fact, it is estimated that by 2025 it will reach USD 200 trillion.

“Being online”, however, forces local owners to adopt a specific strategy. There are 2 paths to choose from:

  • own website/application
  • using online food ordering services

Social media is an additional sales channel. Skillfully managed can help your business grow. In addition, it does not generate high costs compared to other solutions. However, the key is the word “skillfully”. If you want to find out what social strategy is best for you, we encourage you to read the previous entry.

Find out what you can gain and lose

When it comes to cooperating with third-party services we have as many opponents as there are supporters of this solution. On the one hand, restaurateurs curse the high commission that websites collect. On the other hand, the presence in the portal database significantly increases the number of orders. According to the, sales volume in the US increased on average by 10-20% after registering in the database. At the same time, 43% of respondents believe that third-party applications disrupt the direct relationship between the restaurant and the customers.

The advantage of being on platforms is undoubtedly reaching a new audience. Satisfied customers will come back to you. The problem arises when despite the highest efforts, something goes wrong. The customer expresses his dissatisfaction in the commentary, at the same time giving a  note, which lowers the average you have earned. Portals, unlike your own website or Google business card, do not give you the opportunity to defend yourself.  Negative comments will be there for others to see.  So if you decide to choose one of the websites, please note that not all allow customers to add opinions. A common solution is to give the possibility to judge a restaurant only by adding “stars”. Mishaps happen to everyone, and it’s not worth losing guests over it.

If you don’t have your own drivers and would like to start delivering food, some websites will do it for you. However, take into account that they charge a much higher commission, which can reach over 30% of the value of the order.

Collect data!

Information in the 21st century is the key to success. You should know who comes to your restaurant, what dishes are most often ordered, how old your customers are and where the orders come from. Remember: Pecunia non oletmoney doesn’t stink, especially in a market as difficult as gastronomy, every cent is important. Many platforms for ordering food online do not share information about customers ordering through their website with the restaurant. Before deciding to cooperate with any of the portals, find out what information they are ready to share with you.

So should I work with a third party delivery service?

Unfortunately, we will not give you an answer on a silver plate. Both the presence in the portal database and the maintenance of your website has its pros and cons. If you want to know what you can take from both solutions on the Polish market, be sure to use our comparative tool

In the meantime, remember:

  • The number of people ordering online is increasing – online presence can significantly increase your sales;
  • The commission of those  portals is higher every year – and this is an unstoppable tren;
  • If you decide to be on a food delivery aggregator website, consider more than just their market share. Find out what marketing support they offer, whether you will have access to customer data and what conditions of cooperation they offer

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