The advancement of POS systems on the Polish market

Interview with Marcin Marciniuk, Product & Support Manager of Dotykačka Polska.

How did the concept of Dotykačka come about?

Originally, Dotykačka was developed as a simple sales system for an ice cream parlour located in the Czech Republic. However, before it took off in earnest, it became apparent that there was enough interest from other markets to make it available to a wider audience. Basic modifications were implemented, and so the first commercial version of Dotykačka was created.

Polish entrepreneurs have at least a dozen POS systems to choose from. How do you stand out in such a competitive market and what is Dotykačka’s advantage over its rivals?

Traditionally in Poland the POS system is associated with the HoReCa industry. Dotykačka is primarily aimed at the entire B2C sales market – including services. Regardless of the above, Dotykačka was a pioneer of the SaaS sales model in Poland, which is currently becoming a market standard. We were also one of the first in Poland to offer a cloud solution and the associated benefits. From the very beginning, our solution was aimed at devices based on Android.

Why do POS systems integrate with other systems developed for the food service industry?

The POS system is, first and foremost, a sales system. Despite having many advanced features useful in the food service industry, it would be impossible to address all the needs and deliver them at the same advanced level as companies with a specific specialisation. By enabling communication and collaboration between several systems, customers can be provided with an even more advanced tool. This is a classic example where 2+2 = 5.

Dotykačka has just completed integration with What are the main benefits of this integration for Dotykačka’s customers?

The benefits are mutual – both for existing Dotykačka customers and for existing customers. At the end of each integration, the aim is to improve the work of the venue in every possible way – in the case of our integration with, we are talking about speeding up the circulation of information, eliminating human errors, or providing even better data which, when subjected to appropriate analysis, will enable the manager or owner of the venue to make the most accurate and optimal business decisions.

What are the development prospects for the POS market in Poland? How will POS systems dedicated to the food service industry evolve?

In recent years, there has been a very noticeable upward trend that has been continuously accelerating in terms of POS systems’ market share. Companies are increasingly recognising the most tangible and measurable benefits of using a POS system instead of a fiscal cash register. As far as development is concerned, a POS system never attains its “final version” – there is always room for advancement. On the one hand, this progress is motivated by our clients and their growing expectations and, on the other, by constantly changing legislation. A POS system has the ability to adapt almost instantly to the changing business environment. Technological progress itself is also providing new opportunities. The general trend is more or less constant: streamlining (automation) of processes, support provided to employees at all levels (from line workers to managers) and Business Intelligence. Presently, it seems that the last aspect is in most need of improvement, and this is the direction which Dotykačka is taking. On the one hand, we want to provide a tool that ensures the most efficient customer service and, on the other, provides the data necessary to conduct and plan business activities.

The Dotykačka POS system continues to win over new markets. Our solutions can be increasingly found in local stores. This is also where we see potential in establishing cooperation with

What are the challenges encountered by Dotykačka on the Polish market?

“The only constant in life is change” said Heraclitus of Ephesus – the ancient Greek philosopher who lived at the turn of the 5th and 6th centuries BC. This saying is still relevant today. Every day brings new challenges, but with that, new opportunities.

We are currently conducting an extensive information campaign about the upcoming legislative changes and how they will affect Dotykačka users. Simultaneously, we are running a number of integration projects, both in terms of software and hardware. In the next year, we are planning some improvements and innovative solutions – especially for the food service industry – which we hope will be of interest to the market.

We release an updated version of our software on average once a month, constantly improving its existing functionality and adding new features. We conduct surveys and market research among both current and potential clients.

All this translates into continuous improvement of our product, providing the customer with even greater satisfaction from using the system and constant growth of our market share. Carrying out these activities effectively is the biggest challenge we have faced to date, especially given the pace of change taking place in the world around us


About Dotykačka

Dotykačka is a provider of comprehensive solutions and services in the field of online POS systems – trusted by thousands of customers – addressed to small and medium-sized companies in the following sectors: gastronomy, retail, hospitality and services.
The company was founded in 2015 and from a dynamically developing start-up it has now grown into one of the European leaders on the market of modern online POS systems. Dotykačka software has been tested by over 100,000 users around the World.
Dotykačka’s modern online POS system, running on the Android platform, provides micro, small and medium-sized companies with efficient and reliable support in their daily business activities. Devices provided by Dotykačka cooperate smoothly and securely with a wide range of hardware and accessories, such as online fiscal printers, payment terminals, scales, cash drawers, barcode readers and many more.
The Dotykačka Group, with its headquarters located in Prague – together with its parent company Solitea – serves every day over 25,000 commercial users. The company has sales offices in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Germany.
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