Customer satisfaction monitoring

How many times have you read a negative customer review and wondered what order it referred to? With, this is not a problem. We will inform you by email every time a customer rates your restaurant less than 4 stars. The rating left by the customer will be available in the system, and no one will see it online. The satisfaction management module will allow you to collect customer reviews up to 9 times faster and boost your restaurant’s online reputation.


Acquiring customer satisfaction feedback

After each completed delivery, your customers will be asked to rate it on a 5-point scale in exchange for a discount voucher on their next order. You will accumulate more reviews and encourage your customers to make repeat orders.

Posting positive reviews

If your customer gives your restaurant 4 or 5 stars, they will receive an automatic notification to encourage them to make their review public by posting it online. More positive reviews will improve your overall rating and help attract more customers to your restaurant.

Management of negative reviews

You’ll be instantly notified when your customers rate your delivery at less than 4 stars. The rating will be visible in the system only to you. As the customer has already expressed their opinion once, the chance of them adding another online review is low. This will help you maintain a high online rating for your restaurant.

Online review monitoring

Monitor online reviews of your restaurant on an ongoing basis. Keep a close eye on what is being written about your restaurant on social media, in Google reviews and on other websites. The system will automatically send you a notification for each new review of your restaurant.


Repeat customers

Thanks to discount vouchers sent out to customers who complete a survey about your restaurant, your customers are more likely to make a return visit.

Better online reviews

Collect more customer reviews and encourage satisfied customers to publish their posts by sending them automatic notifications.

More new customers

Positive online reviews of your restaurant will encourage more people to order from you.

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