Delivery management

Use one main panel to manage orders from different integrated sales channels. Keep an eye on order delivery times so the food reaches your customers without delay. Monitor the location of your drivers on the map, and keep your customers informed about the status of their orders.


Integration of online orders

You no longer need to work on several different tablets. Orders coming from food delivery  portals, your POS system or your website will be visible in one central view. This will allow you to work more efficiently and reduce potential errors in order processing.

Map with orders

With, you control every stage of the delivery process. The system shows you the current position of the driver on the map, tells you how much time is left until the order is delivered and gives you continuous access to order details.

Driver assignment

Assigning orders to drivers has never been so easy. Check the map to see the delivery addresses located in a similar area and assign them to a driver with one click. The driver will be notified about a new order by the app on their phone. Once the driver accepts the order, they can be on their way. Without unnecessary trips and phone calls made to the restaurant.

Automated settlements

Don’t waste time on labor-intensive end-of-day driver settlement. Our system will do it for you. With no mistakes, in only two minutes. Choose automation and save time.


Fewer errors in order processing

Combining all orders in one central view streamlines your restaurant’s operational processes and reduces the number of potential errors.

Remote control of the delivery process

You don’t have to be in the restaurant to see if your orders are arriving on time and where your drivers are.

Faster communication with drivers

Having to constantly call the drivers to ask them to return to the premises is now a thing of the past. A single notification and the driver can be on his way.

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