Driver app

Your drivers can accept new orders, control their delivery times and contact the customer, all with one click on their phone screen. The Papu driver app will display the most convenient route to deliver the order to the consumer quickly and efficiently.


New order notifications

An iOS or Android phone app will notify your drivers of any new orders.

Auto update of order statuses

On returning to the premises, the app will show the driver which orders must be taken to be delivered next. By entering the order details, the driver will be able to verify if the order is complete. Having collected the order and marking it in the app, the dispatcher panel will automatically change the order status to “in delivery”.

Route planning

When your driver looks at the order details, the app will show the delivery address on the map and determine the optimal route. There is no longer any need to look for addresses in GPS navigation systems!

Problem-free communication with the customer

If drivers have trouble finding the delivery address, all they need to do is enter the order details and choose the option of phoning the customer. The app will then call the consumer without the need to manually retype the phone number.

Automatic settlement of driver working time

When a delivery is made to the customer, the driver sees the payment amount and payment method. If the customer decides to change the payment method at the last minute, the driver can change it in the app. As a result, the end-of-day driver settlement is simple and fully automated.


Mistakes minimized

Thanks to the app, the driver always has the correct delivery address and has access to the order details.

Saving time and mileage

The app automatically chooses the best route and guides drivers to their destination.

Better contact with customers

It only takes one click to contact the customer and discuss delivery details.

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