We delivered food ourselves, so we know your problems!

Nobody likes to drive all day with cash in a pocket and keep wondering if I spent the rest correctly?
Customers often say that they ordered something else or that they have been waiting for 3 hours!
The worst are the evening settlements, you are tired and they tell you that you were at Park street ... And you know perfectly well that you weren't.
The customer is not at home and the phone number written by the waitress on the card is incorrect. In the restaurant, they say you must handle it yourself...

That is why we have created a tool that will be very useful in your everyday work.

It constantly informs you where you were, what you did and how much cash you collect from the client,
You can check what the customer actually ordered at any time,
Evening settlements take no more than 2 minutes, and then ... home :)

Over 500 drivers have already trusted us!


Attention! The driver application notifies you of the new order. If you confirm it, you can hit the road!

The restaurant was informed that you received the order and you are on your way to the customer. You know the time remaining to deliver food. GPS guides you to the right address, and you can contact the customer any second by phone.

You have all the key information in one place: order details, payment method and contact to a customer. And the most important thing – with one click you can start the navigation and dial number to the client. You drive more comfortably and safely!

You don’t have to stress about the cash you have with you and whether you’ve returned change correctly. The application saves the information about customers’ payments and places you visited.

Real opinions of our customers

Papryka 1980

A very helpful app for drivers! Well structured and transparent ­čÖé Extremely facilitates work, speeds up cashing up, and lets you check the history of orders. I can’t imagine working without it now! ­čÖé

Marek, Pizzeria Marco Wrocław

The application is useful in everyday work. Works well, I know where I was. OK.


Works well

Łukasz, Driver of Pizzeria Amigos Swarzędz

Definitely better organization and facilitation of work, the application remembers everything. There are some disadvantages, but you can see that they are working on them. After over a year of experience, today I can’t imagine working without this application.

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