How to create a perfect online store for restaurant?

It is common knowledge that the future of dining establishments is online. The web offers many opportunities that should interest you if you’re looking to sustainably increase your delivery volume. One such solution is to create a professional online store for your restaurant. From our latest e-book, you will learn the latest consumer solutions from the online store providers available in the market.


Expectations of consumers ordering food in delivery

The survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2021 among 723 consumers ordering food delivery in Poland, Germany, and Great Britain. The report presents the habits of consumers ordering food delivery, the most important factors influencing satisfaction with orders, and the willingness of consumers to post restaurant reviews and ratings on the Internet.


How to start providing delivery services in your restaurant?

Our e-book will tell you about the pros and cons of cooperation with various portals, tell you how to start selling through your website and what to do about promoting your restaurant.