Delivery time estimation

Using an algorithm, the system automatically calculates the food delivery time, the so-called estimated time of arrival (ETA), at the same time as the customer places an order. By providing an accurate food delivery time, you reduce the number of cancellations due to excessively long waiting times. Moreover, your customers will give your deliveries better ratings.



ETA estimation

The algorithm calculates the ETA based on, among others, the number of orders in the queue, the delivery address, road congestion data, as well as the availability and the current location of the drivers. Customers receive more accurate delivery times at the order placement stage.


ETA integration with your web store

Integrate your estimated time of arrival function with your web store or app. You don’t have to invest in the entire system to use this feature.


Greater customer satisfaction

On average, the system estimates the delivery time up to 30% more accurately than an employee calculating it manually.

Reduced number of cancellations

Customers cancel their orders when they have to wait too long. Thanks to the ETA function, you can provide a precise delivery time, enabling the customer to decide whether to place the order or not.

More orders delivered

You avoid situations where the customer is not at home to collect the order because of inaccurate information about the delivery time.

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