General questions

PAPU.io is an intelligent System for Restaurants that allows you to manage all orders, especially orders in delivery – including those coming from various applications, portals, and websites. PAPU.io is a POS – only better 🙂

Papu is for every restaurant where delivery orders make up a large part of all orders (of course not only), and which uses one or more applications/ food delivery portals. In fact, the Papu.io solution is for everyone who cares about the efficient management of all orders!

Fill out the form at www.rest.papu.io/demo or contact us at kontakt@papu.io, phone: +48 881 705 601. The system can be ready for you in a few minutes. All you need is Internet access!

It’s fast action! If you already have a computer with Windows, Internet, and restaurants, we will train you and the whole team in 2-3 hours!

We start working as soon as you decide to cooperate with us! Much depends on you and what date you choose. We prepare the entire System especially for you, according to your needs. Record holders are implementing within a few hours. As a standard, the entire process, including training, ends after 2-3 days (unless we agree otherwise) Of course, your restaurant is still working during this time.

PAPU.io was created on the basis of our experience in fulfilling orders through our drivers, so we know exactly what your restaurant needs. We currently do not have our own fleet of drivers, but we can recommend You one of the leading companies in this industry 🙂

Yes of course! You can handle orders on-site and in delivery. In addition, we will free you from many devices, because you will handle all orders directly from our system.

Analytics and reporting are the foundation of Papu.io. Without this type of tool, a business can not work properly, which is why we sent advanced daily sales reports directly to your inbox.

We are guessing that delivery orders are a big part of your business so we’ve developed a very simple process.

  1. The client calls the restaurant
  2. When accepting the order, you enter basic customer data:
    1. Phone number
    2. Address
    3. Any comments on the address
  3. The system will tell You whether the address is in your delivery zone or and how much the customer has to pay for the delivery (we save huge amounts of money for our customers at this stage)
  4. Papu.io calculates the delivery time itself, taking into account many factors
  5. All data is saved in your database and …
  6. All the data will be completed automatically with the next order

That’s the whole philosophy, this process from Papu.io is really very fast and intuitive.  Additionally, if you enable the CallerID option (option only for Android), when the customer calls again, his data will be completed automatically.

We love this topic and have a ready-made solution! If you have more restaurants, in Papu.io you can assign them to a specific location already at the stage of accepting the order. Sounds interesting? Make an appointment with us, we’ll show you how great it works.

Settlements / Payments

All you have to do is log in to your manager account and select the package that You want. The entire procedure takes only a few minutes 🙂

We have a monthly option for those who want to keep restaurant expenses in line, and an annual option where you pay once and for a long time. Remember that by choosing the annual package you only pay for 10 months, and you get 2 months for free!

Also, don’t worry about saving the dates when you need to make transfers. Our system will inform you that the subscription is about to expire.


PAPU is commission-free. We don’t charge a commission on any order, including the one that comes from our e-commerce platform.

Afraid of getting stuck in a long-term contract that you don’t need? With Papu.io, this will never happen. You can resign at any time, but NOTE – when someone starts working with us, they usually don’t want to end it, so let yourself be positively surprised and trust us!

Yes, in the beginning, you get the system in a slightly simplified version for testing for 14 days.


You arrange the launch date directly with us. We try to adapt to the current situation in your premises! 🙂

Using the program that allows us to connect with your computer remotely, we configure the equipment. The next stage is training, which will also be carried out using this program on your ready-made system.

Technical support works from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.

Yes, you can call us at any time, chat and solve any problem at no extra cost.

Our Customer Service department is available during the working hours of our clients, contact details are always placed in the Papu.io main panel.

You will receive training materials from us, thanks to which your employees will be able to go through the onboarding process at any time.


PAPU.io is a web application, so the most important thing is the Internet connection. In addition, you can run our system on a desktop computer, laptop or even a tablet – but remember – there may be exceptions, which even the best IT specialist will not grasp.

A desktop computer (Windows 7, ideally 10) is the best option. It’s comfortable and  fast. Watch out for laptops – they are easy to flood or cover with flour.

If you want, you can take the order on a tablet, e.g. by walking up to the table (it will appear in the system immediately, you won’t have to rewrite it twice) – remember! The tablet will not work as the main device.

There is no limit to the amount of equipment used, and you don’t have to pay extra for anything.


Good question! The magic happens thanks to the IT team that works for Papu!! However, getting from them an answer understandable to the rest of society is quite a challenge 🙂

PAPU knows many languages ​​and can “talk” to various portals and applications. Applications and portals connect with Papu through the key that allows Papu to download orders.

Yes, the Papu system works in the cloud, so you need a computer with Internet access.

If You have a fiscal printer, you can print a receipt through Papu with one click.

Our system allows you to issue invoices. For more advanced activities, such as issuing corrections and proforma invoices, you will need a dedicated invoicing program. Hint, there are some very cool and free tools available on the Internet.

Your drivers use our application where they can see dishes and their final destination. They are informed on how much the client has to pay and what is the form of payment. The driver also has the customer’s phone number and can contact him/her directly through the application.

Security of your data

You are the administrator of your client’s data. We only provide the System that allows its processing. All data is safe! Detailed information can be found in our Terms of Service and in Privacy Policy.