General questions

Papu.io is a system that automates delivery and customer satisfaction management. It was developed for restaurants with their own drivers where delivery plays an integral part of the business.

Papu.io doesn’t operate like a POS system. However, you can use it to take orders onsite or by phone. It all depends on the features of your POS.

Papu.io allows you to collect all integrated online orders: from food ordering portals, your store, as well as orders made online or via apps.

Papu.io is dedicated to restaurants that handle high volumes of delivery orders. The system is suitable for both small, beginner businesses as well as chain restaurants.

Complete the contact form on our home page or contact us by writing to: kontakt@papu.io, phone: 881 705 601.

Of course. You can choose only the modules that interest you and not pay for the rest.

The implementation time will vary depending on the module you choose. If you already have a computer with Windows, Internet access and a working restaurant, it shouldn’t take more than 2 to 3 hours!

We get to work as soon as you decide to cooperate with us! A lot depends on you and the dates and modules you choose. All modules will be implemented at one time. Normally, the entire process including training is completed in 2 to 3 days (unless we agree otherwise). Of course, your restaurant operates during all this time.

No, Papu.io is a system that automates the process of handling and delivering orders to customers. Papu.io is a tool aimed at drivers, restaurant owners and waiters. However, it does not replace the work of delivery drivers.

Papu.io can be integrated with many POS systems that allow you to handle orders placed onsite. However, the system itself is not designed to handle meals ordered in the restaurant, as it only integrates orders placed by customers online through platforms, apps, and websites.

Analytics and reporting are the core features of Papu.io. Trying to do business without tools of this type is exceptionally unproductive, so that is why every day we send you advanced sales reports to your inbox.

If you own several restaurants, you will definitely be interested in the call center module, which allows one person to manage orders from several different locations. If you want to find out more, make an appointment with us via the contact form, and we will be happy to show you how it works!

Settlements / Payments

The fees are dependent on the monthly number of delivery orders per location. Delivery orders include orders from food delivery portals, own deliveries and take away orders. The more deliveries your restaurant makes, the lower the average fee per single delivery.

In this case, you choose the appropriate plan for each location separately. Remember that the more deliveries your restaurant makes, the more it pays to buy a higher package. For chain restaurants, i.e. those with more than 5 locations, please contact our sales department to receive an individual estimation. Write to us at sales@papu.io

Papu.io offers a monthly (30 days) or annual (360 days) subscription. With an annual subscription, you only pay for 10 months. You get two months free of charge.

Both the monthly and annual subscriptions are paid in advance. On paying the subscription fee, you will receive access to the functionalities of the Papu.io system based on your package

Yes, the subscription fee is fixed if you don’t exceed your restaurant’s declared number of monthly delivery orders.

Don’t worry. If you exceed the monthly delivery order limit included in your package, the Papu.io system will continue accepting your orders. You will be able to pay for these additional orders with your next invoice. Take a look at the example below to see how it works.


You chose a monthly subscription with the Mini package with a limit of 500 orders. 

If you process, for example, 600 delivery orders within a given billing period (30 days), at the start of the next billing period we will simply increase your invoice by PLN 38 on a one-off basis.

100 orders over the limit x PLN 0.38 in fees per additional order = 

PLN 38 surcharge on the next invoice.Remember, we will never increase your plan without your knowledge. It’s up to you to decide if you want to keep your current monthly subscription, or if you want to increase it because you anticipate more deliveries. If you need a consultation, our Customer Success department will be happy to help you choose the most optimal package.

You have nothing to worry about! It’s fantastic that your business is growing so quickly! If you exceed the order limit in your annual plan, you won’t have to make any extra payments. Instead, the amount of additional fees will proportionally reduce the total length of the annual subscription. Take a look at the example below:


As you are planning on delivering 500 orders a month from your restaurant, you choose the annual subscription with the Mini package.

In the first billing month, your restaurant processes 600 orders, which is 100 orders more than planned (100 x PLN 0.32 in fees for each additional order = PLN 32). In the second billing month, your restaurant completes 150 orders over the plan (150 x PLN 0.32 = PLN 48), and in the third month 200 (200 x 0.32 PLN = PLN 64)

In total, after 3 months you have PLN 144 in fees for additional orders (PLN 32 + PLN 48 + PLN 64). This amount will reduce your annual subscription by 8.6 days. 

How did we calculate this?

500 orders per month / 30 billing days = 16.67 orders per day. So, PLN 144 / 16.67 orders per day = 8.6 days, or 9 days when rounded up.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription or cancel it completely at any time. From the moment of cancellation, you will not incur any additional fees. Your subscription will expire at the end of the billing period that you have paid for (i.e. 30 days for monthly subscriptions or 360 days for annual subscriptions).


It takes 1 hour of your work during which you can count on our presence and assistance.

Absolutely not! We carry out the implementation process in such a way as not to disrupt the functioning of your restaurant. Most often, all stages of the process are completed before you open your restaurant so that your customers are unaware of any changes made to how your enterprise operates.

You arrange the start date directly with us. We do our best to adapt to the current circumstances of your company.

We will provide you with training materials so that your employees can become acquainted with them in their own time.

Using remote desktop software, we connect to your computer or laptop and perform hardware configuration. The next stage is training, which will also be carried out using this program on the implemented system.

Technical support is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00.

Yes, we work the hours our clients do. You can call us or write to us using the chat, and we will help solve all your problems without any additional costs.

Our Customer Service department is available during the working hours of our clients. Contact details are always available on the main panel of Papu.io.


PAPU.io is a web application, which means that Internet access is the most important. You can use our system on your desktop or laptop computer – but remember – there might be exceptions that even the best IT specialist will not solve. We recommend using a comfortable and fast computer with Windows installed (at least Windows 7, ideally Windows 10). Be careful with laptops – you can easily spill drinks on them or cover them in flour.

The system will work on a tablet, but it cannot be used to take orders as the tablet does not operate as a POS system. Phone and onsite order taking can be done through one of the POS systems we are integrated with.

There is no limit to the number of devices you can use, and there is no extra charge.


Papu.io can be integrated with online ordering systems (for example, UpMenu, Restablo, Restaumatic), POS systems (for example, Dotykacka) and food delivery portals (such as Uber Eats).

Click on the “integrations” tab to learn more.

It’s a good question! This is the magic of Papu.io created by our talented programmers. However, it is quite challenging to get an answer from them that the rest of us would understand. 


PAPU knows many languages and is able to “talk” with various portals and applications, from which it takes orders when they give it the right key :).

Yes, the Papu system works in the cloud, so you need a computer with Internet access.

Security of your data

You are the controller of your customers’ data; we merely provide the system that allows you to process that data. Your data is safe! You will find more useful information in our Terms of Use.