How can a restaurant’s fan page be run on Facebook?

How to run a restaurant fanpage on Facebook? What to do to stand out from the competition and slightly “dust” the published content?

How can you run a restaurant’s fan page on Facebook? What can you do to stand out from the competition and refresh the content you publish? When to post and how to increase user engagement?

We will try to answer these questions in today’s post.

Facebook has undergone a major revolution since its formation in 2004. From a platform that served mainly as a meeting place for former friends, it has become one of the biggest advertising spaces for companies worldwide. And although it’s a real struggle to show up on somebody’s board without paying for advertising, reaching a new group of clients is worth it.

Thanks to the power of Facebook posts, you have a chance to reach users who:

  • love the convenience of online orders,
  • will be sure to post something about visiting a restaurant on Instagram and be more likely to leave an online review
  • will order from your page, increasing your website recognition!


Ultimately, they can decide about the future of your restaurant! So how can you reach new target groups on Facebook and…

How can you stand out from other Facebook restaurant profiles?

The starting point is a well-made Facebook fan page. The following questions will help you evaluate the following:

  • Is your call to action button configured? – CTA is a blue button on the main page of your fan page, located on the right. With this button, users visiting your profile can easily find and order food through your restaurant’s website.
  • Does your fan page clearly define the type of cuisine you specialize in? – Make sure you share that information in the “About” section.
  • Can customers see photos of your menu in the main view? – Encourage customers to order your dishes using delicious photos. Don’t post photos taken quickly with a mobile phone. Take the time to get good quality pictures of the tastiest-looking items on the menu. If you don’t know how to go about it, we highly recommend reading this article that will guide you through it.

Poor-quality photo:

Good-quality photo:

  • Is it easy to find contact details for your restaurant? – Add the phone number and website address in the “About” section.
  • Is the profile picture of your fan page centered and the background picture fully visible? – Make sure your restaurant’s logo is clearly visible (high definition and centered), and the background photo looks good on both a computer and mobile screen.
  • Do you post to Facebook regularly (at least once a week)?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions – congratulations! You are actively taking care of your fan page and trying to create content regularly. That’s a good start! Now you only have to work on your posts to attract as many people as possible.

Otherwise, it’s time to get some work done. Update basic information, add the ”Order Now” button (or “Call Now” if you do not have a restaurant website), and a map with directions. Insert menu pictures and be sure to read this article to the end! Later, we will share with you important tips on how to reach more people with your posts!

Get to know your audience better and add posts at the right time!

If your Facebook posts are mainly about promotions and opening hours, it’s time to change that! At the very beginning, you need to answer one important question:

  1. Who are the people that view your content?
  2. Are they young or old?
  3. Women or men?
  4. Where are they from?


Language adapted to the target group will increase the number of positive reactions to your post. Just think. You wouldn’t address a group of students in the same way as seniors, right? You may find that some of your followers are foreigners, and you should start posting in English. Thanks to the statistics collected by Facebook, you can easily check who saw the content you publish.

In the first step, go to the main page of your fan page and click on the “Insight” tab.

Facebook allows you to check who your followers are, who viewed at least one of your posts, and who visited your fan page. Thanks to this:

  • You will know the age of your fans and where they come from. This is especially helpful for restaurateurs who run several businesses in different towns.
  • By checking the number of followers for individual locations, you will find out which restaurants are the most popular and which require additional marketing activities, for example, a flyer campaign.
  • You will manage marketing campaigns and promotions better (for example, you will be able to decide whether it is profitable to introduce student discounts).
  • Over time, you will be able to see how the popularity of your profile changes (increases/decreases) and how many people you have reached.

When to post?

Once you know who reads your posts, it’s time to check when you should post them. By publishing content at the right time, you reach a larger group of users. Fortunately, you can also find this information in Facebook statistics.

Go to the “Statistics” tab and click on the “Posts” button.

In the lower chart, you can see what time your fans are online. Our example tells us that we should not post any content between 2 pm and 10 pm because fewer people will see it.

Facebook algorithm

You already know who reads your content and what time is best for publishing it. Perhaps ideas for your first posts are already hatching in your head. However, before you start writing your first text, you must consider one more important element – the Facebook algorithm.

Facebook’s algorithm is a mechanism responsible for arranging posts on the boards of platform users. Taking into account various factors, it therefore decides how many people will see your post and how high it will be displayed.

How does the Facebook algorithm work?

Facebook takes into account thousands of factors when “arranging” posts on your board. It is impossible to get to know them all, but you should be at least aware of some basic features that will affect the popularity of your publications.


Comments and reactions are the keys to success.

The more there is “going on” under a post, the more people will see it. Facebook favors content that leads to genuine discussions between users.

In the past, many pages tried to “cheat” the system by asking users to react to posts with a certain emoji or comment (still practiced on Instagram). Currently, FB reduces the visibility of this type of post.

So what should you do to “naturally” increase the number of comments and user reactions?

Ask questions. You can start with simple ones, for example, Team Hawaiian Pizza? Yes or no? If your audience starts responding, raise the bar, and ask an open-ended question. It requires more engagement from users but can lead to an interesting conversation! Remember to reply to every comment.

You can add a picture of a new menu item and ask your audience to name it. Reward the best ideas!

Time spent on one post:

Facebook not only pays attention to comments and user reactions but also measures the time spent on a given publication. On average, it is 1.7 seconds per post viewed on the phone and 2.5 seconds per post viewed on the computer. That is very little, so make sure that your content attracts your audience’s attention! Remember that you don’t need to write walls of text. It’s not the quantity that counts, but quality! Sometimes a catchy title or an interesting photo is enough to make users stay a little longer.


Another factor that influences how many people see your publication is its number of shares. To increase this number, you can organize a competition.

An alternative is linking your post to the few FB groups related to the restaurant industry. Remember to share only posts offering valuable information that can be useful to the members of each group.

Ideas for posts

Wondering what to post to attract the interest of your followers? Get inspired! Here is a list of our ideas for Facebook posts:

  1. Show your team! – Let your followers find out who is behind the success of your restaurant! Posts that feature people are often very popular. At least that’s the case with our fan page! It’s best to introduce your employees when they are performing their duties. Make your photos look natural. You can also create a series of posts, for example, introduce one team member on a selected day of the week.
  2. Hold competitions – it’s a good way to boost your users’ engagement (with the competition asking the participants to comment and share) and provide some entertainment. If you choose to randomly select the winner, present the competition results in a live broadcast.
  3. Try memes! – Just because you run a restaurant doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to food pics. Sometimes it is worth taking a risk and posting something that differs from the content you usually publish. This can be, for example, a meme referring to a funny situation that took place in your restaurant or the current promotions.
  1. When you feel uninspired, consult the calendar of unusual holidays. World Pizza Day or Cheese Day is a terrific opportunity to remind customers of your restaurant!
  2. Brag about your achievements! – Did a customer leave a small thank you note? Did a well-known food critic say something positive about your restaurant? Or has your restaurant just celebrated an anniversary? Write about it! Celebrating major and minor successes is a great idea for a post!
  3. Inspire your customers – Do you want your pizzeria to be perceived as the best on the market? Share the knowledge you have. Advise on the type of flour that is best for making a delicious pizza and reveal the secret ingredients of your tomato sauce. That way, you will prove to your customers that you are an expert in your field and that the meal eaten in your restaurant will be a real feast.

In a nutshell

  • Define your recipients and adjust the style and content of the posts to your audience,
  • Encourage discussions! Ask questions and reply to each comment,
  • Grab your readers’ attention. Use a catchy slogan, an original font, or a funny picture,
  • Post regularly. Be persistent and study user reactions,
  • Post content when your fans are online,
  • Publish the most inspiring posts on thematic groups,
  • Don’t limit yourself to one format. Check how FB users react to videos, photos, or links to interesting articles. After some time, you will discover what works best!


Besides, be patient, and don’t be afraid to deviate from the norm! A well-run fan page will allow you to reach a group of customers who love ordering food online and increase your online sales!

Finally, we would like to show you an example of a post that attracted a lot of positive attention!


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