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KDS Papu is an app designed to effectively support the work of the kitchen staff and improve communication between waiters and chefs. Our Kitchen Display System automatically displays and organizes the orders coming into the restaurant.


Automatic kitchen order arrangement

Has your fiscal printer ever refused to cooperate? It takes an eternity to print anything and jams every few minutes? Or it suddenly runs out of paper when you least expect it? The KDS app was developed to eliminate this type of chaos and disorganization. The app automatically organizes and displays orders to your kitchen personnel, so that the customers receive their meals according to the quoted delivery time.

Better communication with the kitchen staff

Save time and reduce tension between the dispatcher and the kitchen staff. Thanks to the KDS app, your waiter will efficiently inform the kitchen staff of any new order, taking into consideration any modifications and without having to jot down the details on a piece of paper. The waiter will also be aware of the preparation stage of each order. 

Faster deliveries

With the help of the KDS Papu app, you will automatically arrange your orders by delivery time, so that your driver can pick up the next order on arrival at the premises. This will reduce the time it takes to deliver food to your customers. Faster deliveries mean greater customer satisfaction with the food delivery service.


Greater efficiency of your kitchen staff

Your cooks no longer have to rearrange pieces of paper to determine which dish should leave the kitchen first.

Fewer errors

Your customers will receive exactly the order they requested, as the system will take into account their individual modifications and additional requests.

A simplified process

Thanks to KDS Papu, chefs do not have to plan the order of cooking the dishes, decipher the waiter's illegible writing or search for lost slips of paper. All the relevant details are displayed on the screen.

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