Managing deliveries in your restaurant can be easy! is a POS system that automates processes related to the delivery of food to the customer. Work faster, more efficiently and without mistakes!
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Take your restaurant to the next level!

Assign drivers to the orders and observe their location on the map. Check if they reach the customer on time!

Instantly add any order and complete customer data. Half-and-half pizza, with no salami, but with a portion of extra cheese and a 10% discount? With Papu, it’s not a problem.

Assign drivers to the order and observe their location on the map. Check if they reach the customer on time!

Create a delivery zone tailored to your needs. Your crew will no longer have to wonder where Chester Street is and what is the cost of delivery. Orders will be automatically assigned to a specific zone after entering the customer’s address.You can edit it at any time.

See the workday of your employees without moving from home. Check which of your drivers is the most efficient and where most orders come from.

After a day at work, everyone wants to get home as soon as possible. Fortunately, cashing up with takes only 5 minutes!

Start running online orders on your website. Increase sales and reduce costs by selling online from your site. Without portals and intermediaries!

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Save time and increase profits!


On average, 7% more orders accepted!

More orders mean more money! How we do it? With you will start selling online on your website, and your employee will answer at least a dozen more calls every day. Count how 7% will affect your profit!


12% less errors!

The address was 13/50 or 50/13? Which order should go first? How to combine orders and how much to charge for delivery? Your employees can easily get confused with an excess of information.  Our system – no. Less mistakes mean less problems and more money!


8% less kilometers made by drivers!

Drivers wander loose around the store or they are taking the longest road possible? That’s not longer an issue! Gain control and check the location of your drivers at any time. Make sure that the food reaches customers on time!

6 min

We reduce the time of each delivery by 6 minutes, on average!

Employees in your restaurant don’t need to know the city or the delivery zones. Thanks to the system, they know where the drivers are. They make better decisions and work simply more efficiently!

Quick and easy!

1 min

is enough to cash up the driver

2 - 3 hours

are enough to implement a system in your restaurant!

Integrate orders

from different sales channels, no sticky notes, everything happens automatically!

Start using system

immediately, don’t waste your time on training!

Don't invest

in extra equipment, computer and cash register is all you need!


location of the driver and promised time

Real opinions of our customers

Daniel, Owner of Quick Food Jawor

The best customer service. I recommend to all friends.

Paweł, Owner of Pizzeria Wrocław Nocą

They offer the product we have been looking for, for a long time, something that improves the process of accepting orders from customers. They are open to any tip and respond quickly to every suggestion regarding improving the quality and functionality of the program.

Krzysztof, Owner of Fresh Pizza Poznan

We’ve been working with PAPU for over a year. In short, the application is recommendable, it contains all the features and improvements that one would expect from such a system. The process of accepting orders, assigning drivers and cashing up is very simplified. We recommend

Adam , Owner of Viet Long Będzin

If you don’t believe what PAPU system can give your restaurant – call Viet Long and ask to speak with the owner – Adam.

Join the group of satisfied restaurant owners!

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