Monthly subscription perfectly suited to your needs system is available for a fixed monthly fee, which you can tailor to your location’s potential. The more deliveries your restaurant makes, the more it pays to buy a higher package. Remember that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Your total monthly number of delivery and takeaway orders combined per location


Delivery integration & management

  • Integration of all online sales channels
  • Management panel
  • Manually delivery time estimation
  • Caller ID
  • Central map
  • Delivery zone setting
  • Driver management app
  • Automatic driver settlement

Delivery integration, management & ecommerce for restaurants

  • Integration of all online sales channels
  • Management panel
  • Manually delivery time estimation
  • Caller ID
  • Central map
  • Delivery zone setting
  • Driver management app
  • Automatic driver settlement
  • Website for online sales

Automation of delivery management in restaurants

  • Integration of all online sales channels
  • Management panel
  • Automatic delivery time estimation
  • Caller ID
  • Central map
  • Delivery zone setting
  • Driver management app
  • Automatic driver settlement
  • Auto dispatch
  • Website for online sales

Delivery management without human involvement, sounds amazing, right?


    Imagine delivering food to your customers without any human involvement. Sounds incredible? We believe that the automation of delivery restaurants is just around the corner and, similarly to driverless cabs, deliveries without the assistance of humans will soon be possible!

Dodatkowe koszty

Pakiety SMS-ów

Wartość Pakietu Liczba sms Cena za sms
175,00 zł
0,35 zł
300,00 zł
0,30 zł
650,00 zł
0,26 zł
1 200,00 zł
0,24 zł
2 200,00 zł
0,22 zł
3 000,00 zł
0,20 zł

Delivery management




Delivery management
Integration of delivery orders from delivery platforms and online sales solutions into one system.
Dispatch panel
One central view for managing all orders in delivery with order details: order source, price, customer data, what order includes, possible discounts and tips, delivery cost, order comments. "
Delivery time estimation
Estimation of the order delivery time, the so-called ETA, when accepting delivery orders. You can do it manually or automatically. Why is this important? Because accurate delivery time estimation is the most crucial satisfaction factor for as many as 40% of consumers.



Caller ID
Remembering the phone number of customers who re-order from the restaurant and automatic completion of their address data.
Central map
A central map with all your deliveries and drivers. Assigning drivers to orders with one click, easy right?
Delivery zone setting
Set a delivery zone suited to your restaurant's needs. Define a delivery fee for orders outside of your delivery zone or the minimum order value among others.
Driver app
An app for restaurant drivers for accepting delivery orders. Simple and functional. Drivers can check order payment statuses. Clients can pay for their deliveries through the app.
Automatic driver settlement
Don’t waste time on labour-intensive end-of-day driver settlement. Our system will do it for you. With no mistakes, in only two minutes. Choose automation and save time.
Auto dispatch
All your delivery orders are automatically accepted and distributed between the drivers who are on their shift. The system analyses delivery addresses and the drivers’ current location and – based on this information – assigns them specific orders.

Customer service

Knowledge base
Collection of video tutorials (Papu Academy) illustrating the use of the system.
Product Training
Training session that will teach you and your employees how to use the system in your restaurant. Included in the system set-up.
Software engineer support
Dedicated support of our software engineer in terms of implementing the solution within your tech environment.

Customer Service support
Our Customer Success team is available Mon-Fri from 10:00 until 22:00 via phone or website / Sat-Sun 10:00-22:00.
System Set up
Our Customer Success Team will prepare your restaurant for Papu system set up. Work will include sending the pre-implementation sheet to the customer; configuration of the menu, delivery zones, opening hours, setting up online business cards, and account for analytics; setting a start day, i.e. equipment configuration and product training for the team.

additional one time fee 150 eur

Personalized Customer Service
Dedicated, paid customer service support after system set-up at the customer’s special request.a.

25 EUR per hour


Daily summary
Detailed daily Excel sales report. Sales data broken down by bookmarks: summary, couriers, delivery areas, meals summary, food delivery portals, telephone orders, additions, modifiers.
Admin panel
Access to basic sales analytics. Data on order values, average order value and customer satisfaction ratings.w.

Customer satisfaction management

Customer satisfaction monitoring
After each completed delivery, your customers will be asked to fill in a survey and rate your delivery service on a 5-point scale. They will rate delivery time, communication with the restaurant, food quality and value for money. The system will calculate the average score for the customers’ overall satisfaction with their delivery order.


Negative feedback notifications
Automatic notifications by email of any customer feedback below 4.0 (on a 5-point scale)


Online rating booster
Automatic publication of customer reviews under your Google or Facebook profile when customer feedback is 4.0 or more (on a 5-point scale)


Website for online sales

Menu set up & management
Based on your leaflet or link to a menu from any delivery platform, our Customer Success Team will configure your menu and your prices. You can modify them or add pictures afterwards at any time via the system settings.awieniach systemu

Personalised domain name
If you want your webshop to have a personalised domain name (for example,, you can leave it to us. As we do not own any domain servers, we will buy your domain name on your behalf and charge you the same amount we paid. Fair, right?
Payment methods
Choose from different payment methods: traditional transfer, fast transfer, electronic wallet, Blik, card or cash on delivery.

Daily and monthly reporting
Automatic push notifications encouraging customers to publish their reviews under the restaurant's showcase on Google or on Facebook, in the case of a rating of 4.0 or more (on a 5-point scale).

Settlements / Payments

The fees are dependent on the monthly number of delivery orders per location. Delivery orders include orders from food delivery portals, own deliveries and take away orders. The more deliveries your restaurant makes, the lower the average fee per single delivery.

In this case, you choose the appropriate plan for each location separately. Remember that the more deliveries your restaurant makes, the more it pays to buy a higher package. For chain restaurants, i.e. those with more than 5 locations, please contact our sales department to receive an individual estimation. Write to us at offers a monthly (30 days) or annual (360 days) subscription. With an annual subscription, you only pay for 10 months. You get two months free of charge.

Both the monthly and annual subscriptions are paid in advance. On paying the subscription fee, you will receive access to the functionalities of the system based on your package

Yes, the subscription fee is fixed if you don’t exceed your restaurant’s declared number of monthly delivery orders.

Don’t worry. If you exceed the monthly delivery order limit included in your package, the system will continue accepting your orders. You will be able to pay for these additional orders with your next invoice. Take a look at the example below to see how it works.


You chose a monthly subscription with the Mini package with a limit of 500 orders. 

If you process, for example, 600 delivery orders within a given billing period (30 days), at the start of the next billing period we will simply increase your invoice by PLN 38 on a one-off basis.

100 orders over the limit x PLN 0.38 in fees per additional order = 

PLN 38 surcharge on the next invoice.Remember, we will never increase your plan without your knowledge. It’s up to you to decide if you want to keep your current monthly subscription, or if you want to increase it because you anticipate more deliveries. If you need a consultation, our Customer Success department will be happy to help you choose the most optimal package.

You have nothing to worry about! It’s fantastic that your business is growing so quickly! If you exceed the order limit in your annual plan, you won’t have to make any extra payments. Instead, the amount of additional fees will proportionally reduce the total length of the annual subscription. Take a look at the example below:


As you are planning on delivering 500 orders a month from your restaurant, you choose the annual subscription with the Mini package.

In the first billing month, your restaurant processes 600 orders, which is 100 orders more than planned (100 x PLN 0.32 in fees for each additional order = PLN 32). In the second billing month, your restaurant completes 150 orders over the plan (150 x PLN 0.32 = PLN 48), and in the third month 200 (200 x 0.32 PLN = PLN 64)

In total, after 3 months you have PLN 144 in fees for additional orders (PLN 32 + PLN 48 + PLN 64). This amount will reduce your annual subscription by 8.6 days. 

How did we calculate this?

500 orders per month / 30 billing days = 16.67 orders per day. So, PLN 144 / 16.67 orders per day = 8.6 days, or 9 days when rounded up.

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription or cancel it completely at any time. From the moment of cancellation, you will not incur any additional fees. Your subscription will expire at the end of the billing period that you have paid for (i.e. 30 days for monthly subscriptions or 360 days for annual subscriptions).

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