Insights, trends and latest news in the restaurant delivery industry

According to the report published by in December 2021, delivery time is the most crucial factor influencing customer satisfaction when ordering food.
Forecasts predict that in 2025, in Poland alone, there will be 13.5 million people ordering food for delivery.
What can the reality of restaurateurs look like and what trends are likely to grow in popularity in 2022?
We have prepared a report that verifies what are the consumer requirements for deliveries. The conclusions are interesting!
In-delivery orders have a lower margin, introducing them is associated with many problems that need to be solved.
Marketplace are an important business partner of restaurants. What causes them to affect the finances of the premises?
Given how fast the online ordering market is growing, being offline is a knee-jerk to restaurants.
Are you thinking about introducing deliveries? The following statistics will bring you closer to making the right decision.
The impact of the coronavirus on the food delivery market in China and Europe was the highest in the initial period.

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