Tips, advice and expert articles on automation in the food service sector

In present times, the ongoing growth of restaurants is exceptionally important to continue attracting new
It is estimated that in 2025 the revenue generated by the food delivery market will
Restaurateurs can choose from a wide range of methods – both good and bad –
Learn about the three challenges faced by owners of multi-unit restaurants and find out how
By adjusting KPIs within a specific area, you can identify what needs improvement and what
The most proven way to gain knowledge about restaurant management are blogs and gastronomic portals.
Point of Sale (POS) is essential today to run a successful restaurant business. Which system
KPIs are data that will help you check if your restaurant is on track to
In-delivery orders have a lower margin, introducing them is associated with many problems that need
Software for restaurants improves the work of the team and reduces the likelihood of making
What can you do to increase the number of deliveries and stand out from the
How to plan delivery zones and a promotional strategy so as to reach the largest

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