terms of service of papu.op website and mobile app



1. This document determines the rules of using the website and its Application, particularly the rights and obligations of registered Users of the Website and Application.
2. Whenever these Terms of Service discuss:
a. Application – understood as the Operator’s mobile application, available for free on Google Play and App Store, connected with the functionalities of the Website and Account which allow an authorized person (employee or partner of the User conducting business in the catering industry and who entered an Agreement with the Operator) to manage their orders and deliveries,
b. Operator – understood as PapuKurier Sp. z o.o., located in Poznań (60-284), ul Sowińskiego 18A, entered into the register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Poznań-Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, KRS: 567424, NIP: 7792433088, REGON: 362028216,
c. Website – understood as the Internet site working from the address run by the Operator, on conditions determined in the Terms of Service,
d. User – understood as a person who has the full legal capacity to act who, by accepting the Terms of Service, gained access to the Services and is a Party of the Agreement or is an authorized person who gains access to the Services in the Application from the Users who entered the Agreement with the Operator. The user may also be a legal person, and an organizational unit that is not a legal person, who becomes a legal entity by law, and who uses the Services provided by the Operator,
e. Login – understood as an individual and unique electronic mail address, which is the User’s identifier on the Website and the Application,
f. Password – understood as a sequence of at least 8 characters, provided by the User and assigned to them. The password is required to log into the Website and Application,
g. Account – understood as the User’s personalized administrative panel available after registering and logging in on the Website or the Application, providing the Login and Password, with which the User can use the services provided by the Operator within the Agreement,
h. Trial – understood as the number of test orders indicated by the Operator when the Services are provided to the User for free,
i. Subscription period – understood as the period of providing the Services which the User pays their Subscription Fee for,
j. Operator – understood as the owner of the Website and Application, i.e. PapuKurier sp. z o.o. located in Poznań (60-283) ul. Sowińskiego 18A,
k. Subscription Fee – understood as the entire payment for having the Account at the amount determined in the Subscription Plan,
l. Subscription Plan – understood as the Subscription Plan selected by the User from the ones shared with them previously via email and also available on their User Account at,
m. Improving the Account’s Parameters – understood as enhancing selected parameters of the Account made on the request from the User,
n. Pricing List – understood as the offer presenting the comparison of options and prices of the Website’s Subscription Plans,
o. Privacy Policy – the document determining the way of collecting, processing, and storing personal data necessary to provide Services remotely, via email, and through the Application and Website,
p. Registration – understood as a one-time activity consisting in setting up an Account by the User, done with a registration form shared by the Operator on the Website,
q. Services (Service) – understood as electronic Services or Service provided by the operator within the rules determined in the Terms of Service on the Website and Application,
r. Account Settings Panel – understood as a page on the Website at,
s. Agreement – understood as the agreement on providing services in electronic form, entered between the User and the Operator, from the moment of accepting the Terms of Service by the User, with the content of the Terms of Service,
t. Terms of Service – understood as the terms of service available at
u. GDPR -the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing directive 95/46/WE


1. The Terms of Service determine the rules of using the Website and the Application connected with it, and the Services offered by the Service Operator, as well as the scope of the Operator’s and User’s rights and obligations.
2. The Owner of the Website and Application and the subject providing the Services determined in the Terms of Service is the Operator.
3. Through the Website and the Application connected with it, the Operator provides Services that allow the User, with their Account, to manage the orders sent directly to the User and indirectly via electronic way, telecommunications network, and other CIS tools between the User’s end client and the User. The Website enables Users to save their orders, send orders directly to persons carrying out the orders through the Application, create an order history, identify end clients, and settle the orders carried out. The Application enables persons authorized by the User, who are their employees or partners, to supervise the carrying out of their orders, and determine the way to the User’s end client’s address, track the history of completed orders with the history of delivery addresses, and payment methods, as well as contact with the User’s end client.
4. Only Registered Users and authorized persons who received access from them have access to the website and application’s Account and Services.
5. The condition of using the Website, Application, or the Services provided by the Operator is accepting the Terms of Service, meeting the technical requirements determined in point III of these Terms of Service, and explicit User’s agreement to the conditions specified in the Terms of Service.
6. The Operator reserves the right to limit the access to selected Services offered by the Website through the Website and Application for the Users who do not meet the Operator’s condition. The reservations regarding the option to use selected Services will each time be posted on the Website and Application.
7. The Operator has the right to entrust the day-to-day management of the Website or Application to a third party, which the User gives consent to by accepting the Terms of Service content.
8. The Operator is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations of computer equipment or a mobile device that the User uses, preventing the User from using the Website or Application, and Services provided through them.

9. This website presents information about the business conducted by PapuKurier and its services. On the website, you can contact the Operation for them to submit a personalized commercial offer, including, among others, getting access to the demo version of the software.


1. The Website is available to all end devices which meet the technical requirements below.
2. The User’s end device, on which the Website is launched, should meet the following technical requirements regarding the operating system:
a. Windows 7, 8, 10, or newer
b. Preferably Google Chrome browser
3. To launch and have the Website function properly, it is necessary to activate the following functions of the device:
a. active Internet connection,
b. computer with the processor Intel 5 or newer,
c. 4GB of free space on the hard drive,
d. 8 GB of RAM,
e. Screen resolution of 1024×768 (recommended higher) with at least 256 colors.
4. To use the Website’s functionalities, the User should previously Register their Account, described in point IV below.
5. The User needs a mobile device with an Internet connection with Android operating system (minimum version 4.4 or newer) or iOS (minimum version _ or newer) to download the Application. Using the Application may require updating the Users’ operating systems to their more recent versions.
6. To use the Application’s full functionality, it is necessary to have a registered User Account and log into the Application with a dedicated Login and Password, access to the Internet, and location services turned on on the mobile device (also with the Application closed).
7. The Application’s User may at any moment remove the Application for free from their mobile device. Removing the Application does not mean that the User’s Account is removed or that their Agreement with the Operator is terminated.
8. Odległość pomiędzy lokalizacją urządzenia przenośnego osoby upoważnionej przez Użytkownika, a powyższymi adresami jest wartością przybliżoną. To locate and determine the distance between an authorized person (the User’s employee or partner carrying out the delivery) and the place of the User’s business and the delivery address of the end client, the Application uses the Application’s location data’s user mobile device. Location services used by the Application serve to determine the location of the Application’s user to carry out orders of delivery to the end client. The distance between the device’s location and the addresses above is an approximate value.
9. The Application informs the User about collecting location data before the installation and at the moment of logging into the Application. The functionality of tracking the location of the App’s User is available under the condition of expressing consent by the User to share their mobile device’s location data, also in the background, i.e., after closing the Application without logging out of it. Giving consent to sharing the User’s mobile device’s location data and closing the Application is voluntary. Still, refusal to share it will make it impossible for the User to use the application’s basic and critical functionalities. Location services may at any time be turned off in the settings of the mobile device, as well as device settings relating only to the Application. The mobile device’s location information is downloaded only when the User stays logged into the Application. After logging out, the Application does not download location data, even when the Application stays in the background.
10. Access to the mobile device’s location data of a person authorized by the User within the Application is owned by the User and their employees or partners within their business in the catering industry.
11. Collecting the Application User’s location data also after its closure, in the background, is critical and necessary for the App because it enables the Users (restaurant owners) to supervise the carrying out of deliveries and issuing delivery orders to the end client by persons authorized, representing the User (drivers), with regard to their location at a given moment.


1. The Operator informs that access to the Services is possible after registering an Account on the Website, and therefore, after the User provides their personal data on the Website and meets other conditions determined in the Terms of Service, including paying for the selected Subscription Plan, unless the Service is carried out as a Trial Period.
2. After activating the Account, the User may use the Services for free for a set Trial Period. To use the Account after its conclusion, the User must pay for a Subscription Plan that they selected. On request from the User, an individual Subscription Plan may be negotiated.
3. If the User decides to use a Subscription Period, the Operator is obligated to issue a VAT invoice within three working days from receiving the payment made by the user. The User agrees to receive the invoice in electronic form.
4. The User pays for the selected Subscription Plan through PayU available in the panel manager on the Website at
5. Using the paid Plan and not paying the Subscription Fee for the Subscription Plan for the next period will result in automatic blocking of the User’s access to the Account, and therefore, to the Application’s functionalities. If the User pays the Fee within 14 days from being denied access to the Account, it will be immediately restored. Failure to pay within the 14-day deadline counted from the day of the being denied will result in the automatic removal of the Account and termination of the Agreement. The day of payment is understood as the day of accepting the Operator’s bank account.
6. The Agreement is terminated with the end date of the Subscription Period, with the reservation of the content of point 5 above.
7. While registering, the User is obligated to provide true, accurate, and up-to-date data which are not misleading or infringing upon third-party rights. Moreover, the User is responsible for keeping their Password confidential.
8. The User is solely responsible for the content of the data they provide. The Operator informs that all sent content or all orders made by third parties identifying themselves with the User’s Login and Password will be attributed to the User.
9. Gaining access to the User’s Account and using the Services provided by the Operator through the Website is possible after the User logs in to the Website with the correct Login and Password. Gaining access to the Application’s functionalities by the User or persons authorized to access the Application’s functionalities is possible after logging into the Application with the correct Login and Password.
10. The Operator reserves the right to block the User’s access to the Services during the Trial Period if the User violates the Terms of Service provisions.


1. The Operator reserves the right to modify the technical way of carrying out the Services, adequately to the scope and conditions stemming from the authorizations granted and adequately to the available technical measures.
2. To ensure the safety regarding the provided Services, the Operator takes technical and organizational measures adequate to the degree of risk for the safety of the provided Services.
3. The User and authorized persons are authorized in particular to:
a. use the Website and Application in a way not disrupting their functioning, particularly by using given software or devices;
b. not taking actions such as: sending or posting unsolicited information on the Website and Application, taking IT actions or any others aiming to obtain information not intended for the User;
c. use the Website or Application in an appropriate way for the Republic of Poland’s provisions of law and these Terms of Service;
d. not to deliver or post illegal content on the Website or Application;
e. use the Website and Application in a way that will not cause any problems to other Users and the Operator, with respect to their personal interest (including their right to privacy) or any of their rights;
f. use all content on the Website only for internal and personal use. Using the content for other purposes is permissible only based on the explicit agreement from an authorized person; should the User or an authorized person cite or publish data obtained from the Services provided by the Operator, the User or the authorized person is each time obligated to provide the source of the obtained data in the suggested form: “Source:”
2. The Operator is not responsible for infringing on the rights of third parties or doing any harm to third parties based on or in relation to the User’s actions used with the data collected by the User in relation to the provided Services.
3. The Operator is not responsible for content obtained by the User during the provision of the Services to the User or damage done with it.
4. The User is obligated to immediately inform the Operator about any case of infringement of the rights while they use the Website or Application, as well as any instance of infringement of the rules determined in the Terms of Service.
5. The User may, at any time, while the Website is available, request to have their Account removed, wherein, such case all information related to the User’s Account on the Website and Application will also be removed. By removing the Account, the User relinquishes further use of any Services paid for on the Website and Application.
6. The Operator also allows the possibility of establishing cooperation with the User by entering a separate Agreement on provision of the Services.
7. The Parties limit the Operator’s possible responsibility for harm on the User’s side in connection with any irregularities in using the Website or Application, in the case of a loss, and release the Operator from liability for lost profits.
8. The Operator is not responsible for: any damage suffered by the User connected with the use of the Website and Application, particularly the damage connected with the use of the database and lack of access to the database, and from losing expected profits, downtime in the company’s operation, losing economic information.


using them during the Trial Period and using the test orders available in it.
2. Detailed information about Subscription Plans and parameters of selected Subscription Plans are available on the User’s account at
3. Subscription Payments are paid upfront for the upcoming Subscription Periods.
4. The starting day of the Subscription Period is determined to be the day of booking the first payment.
5. Okres Abonamentowy kończy się w momencie wykorzystania wszystkich dostępnych w Wybranym Planie Abonamentowym dni. The Subscription Period ends at the moment of using all days available in the selected Subscription Plans.
6. Użytkownik w Panelu Ustawień Konta ma dostęp do informacji w jaki sposób dokonać Opłaty Abonamentowej. The User has access to information on how to make a Subscription Payment in their Account Settings on their Account.
7. The User may ask the Operator to change their Subscription Plan. Changing it is in effect from the moment when the User pays for starting their selected Subscription Plan. The payment amount will be presented to the User in their Account Settings on their Account.
8. All changes in the Subscription Payment Pricing List will be announced on http:// and will be effective for the User only from the start of the next Subscription Payment. The User will be able to quit using the Website and the Application if they do not accept the new Subscription Payments.


1. The Operator is authorized to have a temporary downtime of the Website and the Application and the Services they provide for technical reasons.
2. The Operator will exercise due diligence for the technical downtimes to take place at night hours and be as short as possible.
3. Should the technical downtime last for more than 24h, the User has the right to extend their Subscription Period, in which this downtime occurred, by as many days as the downtime lasted.
4. The Operator is not responsible to the Users for failing to or not properly providing their Services due to reasons attributable to third parties (including telecommunication network operators) or caused by force majeure.
5. The Operator reserves the right to suspend the Service for any reason, including repair work, planned maintenance, or update, and will not be responsible for any inconveniences to the User or lost profits apart from those determined in point 3 above stemming from it.
6. The Operator reserves the right to make changes to the Service or stop providing some aspects or functions of the Service without prior notification and will not be responsible for any effects of such changes.


1. The rules of personal data processing were regulated in these Terms of Service (points VII and IX) and Privacy Policy (available at
2. Registering an Account and using the Operator’s Services requires providing personal data.
3. Providing personal data is necessary to use the Services. Without it, providing the Services will not be possible.
4. Data are processed in accordance with the GDPR.
5. The Controller of the personal data, understood as in article 4, section 7, is the Operator (also referred to as “Controller”).
6. Data are stored may include:
a. data required for registering the Account, i.e.:
− name and surname
− data about the business (company, head office address, NIP number),
− contact details (email address, telephone number, fax number),
− the type of the Subscription Plan selected,
− IP address,
− workstation technical data,
− data necessary to process payments.
b. data of employee and partner/representatives of the User, i.e.:
− name and surname,
− Client data, their address details, and identification numbers,
− contact details (email address, phone number, fax number),
− position/function performed for the Client,
− the location of a mobile device after logging in to the Application,
− other personal data shared voluntarily with the Controller.
c. data connected with handling the account and carrying out the Service, i.e., among others:
− payment history,
− selected Services, Subscription Plan, Subscription Period, Trial Period, Improving the Accounts Parameters,
− changes in the Account’s Settings Panel,
− logging data (such as Login, Password, IP address, logging history),
− complaints and correspondence connected with them.
7. The Operator may also collect and process other personal data if they are necessary to carry out the Service.
8. Personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes:
a. carrying ou,t the Agreement and activities for the purpose of entering it, i.e., preparing an offer, registration and maintenance of the Account, providing Services in the scope of the Agreement, technical support (article 6, section 1, point b GDPR),
b. fulfilling the Controller’s legal obligations, i.e., carrying out tax and account obligations (article 6, section 1, point c GDPR),
c. carrying out marketing activities through the communication channel that the User agreed to, including making contact concerning the presentation of the Controller’s own offer (article 6, section 1, point a GDPR),
d. carrying out the Controller’s legally justified interest (article 6, section 1, point f GDPR), i.e., particularly, handling the requests or queries (via email, social media, phone) and adjusting and developing the Website’s functionality, including its structure and content to the Users’ needs, creating aggregated statistics, and keeping the services provided by the Website safe and of high quality.
9. Personal data will be processed for:
a. for the period of cooperation between the User and the Operator, or
b. until the moment when the User withdraws or modify their granted agreement if the processing is based on the agreement, including the location data of the mobile device, or
c. the time necessary to carry out other purposes
10. Personal data will also be stored after the aforementioned periods for a period required by the binding provisions of law or the period necessary for the Operator to protect their rights or pursue claims.
11. A data subject who is a data subject has the right to request from the Operator access to their data, rectify, remove or limit their processing, the right to object to their processing, the right to transfer their data, and the right to make a complaint to the supervisory body: The Head of the Personal Data Protection Office (ul. fulfillki 2, 00-193 Warszawa). If the processing is based on the agreement – they have the right to withdraw it.
12. The agreement can be withdrawn or modified by sending an email from the address used to agree to Withdrawal or modification does not affect the compliance with the right to process, which was done based on the agreement before it being withdrawn or modified. Withdrawal of the agreement is effective from the moment of informing about it. It is necessary to notice that withdrawing a previously granted agreement to process personal data may mean that the Controller will not be able to fulfil their obligations, which may result in the fact that the Operator will not be able to provide Services to the User.
13. The Operator takes actions to ensure the safety of the collected and stored personal data. If an infringement occurs, it informs the proper national bodies to detect the perpetrators and prevent such events in the future.
14. The Operator may entrust the processing of the collected Users’ personal data to another subject based on an entrustment agreement entered with them. The Operator informs that the recipients of personal data will be: subjects providing the hosting of the Website, server providers, external subjects providing IT support, online payment providers, external accounting companies, law firms, courier firms, national bodies authorized based on the law.
15. The Users’ personal data will not be shared with the countries outside the European Economic Area.
16. In the scope of the ordered Services, the User entrusts the Operator with personal data processing. Detailed information is regulated in point IX of these Terms of Service.


1. The User declares that for their business, they collect and use personal data which are necessary for selling goods or providing services to their clients.
2. To enable the Operator to provide Services to them, the User entrusts the Operator with the processing of personal data determined below, in the scope and by the rules determined below in accordance with article 28 of the GDPR. Based on this, the Operator is authorized to process personal data on behalf of the User for purposes and ways determined in part X of these Terms of Service.
3. The User ensures that they obtained and entrust the Operator with the processing of data collected lawfully, particularly under the provisions of the GDPR.
4. Moreover, the User declares that they collected the entrusted personal data lawfully and in accordance with the GDPR, particularly that they fulfilled their disclosure requirement determined in articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR (which also concerns personal data obtained via phone).
5. Requesting the processing of personal data covers such personal data as:
a. data of the User’s clients, such as the name and surname, nickname, address, telephone number, email address, order, the information in the “comments” section, order and delivery status, payment method, order value, and order history, and also other personal data (if they are shared by the User),
b. data of the employees and partners/representatives of the User in the following scope: the name and surname, nickname, position/function performed for the User, circumstances of cooperation with the User, telephone number, email address, nickname, information about logging into the Website, information about the type and technical data on the end device which is used, such as the device’s model or software version, and also other personal data (if they are shared by the User),
hereinafter jointly referred to as “Personal Data.”
5. The entrusted Personal Data will not, in principle, be data of special categories. Incidentally, the entrusted Personal Data may have a character of data of special categories.
6. Entrusting personal data processing covers the following activities: recording, organizing, putting in order, storing, adapting or modifying, downloading, viewing, using, disclosing by sending, disseminating or sharing in other forms, pairing or connecting, limiting, removing, or destroying.
7. The processing of Personal Data is entrusted for the duration of the Agreement and Services. The Operator will process Personal Data beyond this for the time required by the binding provisions of law or the period necessary to protect or pursue claims for the relevant rights.
8. If the User removes the Account, or the Agreement is terminated (end of the provision of the Services), the Personal Data, in the necessary scope, may be processed by the Operator for a period necessary for the Operator to protect or pursue claims for their rights. Processing will be limited to necessary activities.
9. The Operator declares that they have sufficient warranties – especially experience, expertise, credibility, and resources – implementing technical and organizational measures to ensure that the Processing Personal data meets the binding regulations’ requirements on personal data protection.
10. The Operator is obligated to:
a. prior to beginning to process Personal Data and for the entire duration of the processing, implement organizational and technical measures ensuring the adequate degree of safety of Personal Data;
b. have the documentation required by the regulations on personal data protection.
c. cooperate on every request with supervisory bodies authorized to supervise the compliance with data protection regulations in the scope and way determined by the said body.
d. document all incidents of infringement of Personal Data protection, including the circumstances of the infringement;
e. ensure that
i. only persons authorized by the Operator have access to Personal Data;
ii. persons authorized to process Personal Data are required to keep confidential these Personal Data and the manners of protecting them.
9. Where possible, the Operator helps the User in the necessary scope to meet the obligation of responding to requests from data subjects and meet the obligations determined in articles 32-36 of the GDPR.
10. The Operator is obligated to inform the User via email about immediately:
a. any procedure or decision about Personal Data, particularly about their proper protection;
b. an infringement on Personal Data determined by the Operator, or a risk of such an infringement, with pointing:
i. the character of the infringement on Personal Data, including the category and an approximate number of data subjects;
ii. possible consequences of infringing on Personal Data;
iii. the measures applied or recommended by the Operator to prevent the infringements on Personal Data, including the measures to minimize its possible negative effects;
b. announcement or start of inspections or preliminary investigations by a supervisory body regarding Personal Data.
11. The Operator is obligated to support the User, in a way determined by them, in all matters regarding Personal Data, particularly through:
a. giving written explanations or information;
b. sharing documents or other types of the stored information;
c. enabling to:
i. access and save information stored in IT systems;
ii. review the state of IT systems.,
12. The User is authorized, in accordance with article 28, section 3, point h of the GDPR, at their own expense, to perform audits of the Operator in the scope of compliance of the Personal Data processing activities done by them with the decisions on entrusting the processing of Personal Data and the binding regulations about data protection, particularly to check if the Operator fulfills their obligations. The User is obligated to inform the Operator about the audit at least with a 14 days notice. The manner of performing the audit must not interrupt the daily work of the Operator, particularly the possibility to provide the Services. The User is authorized to share with the Operator written recommendations as a follow-up with the dates for their completion, which must be adequate and no shorter than 30 days from the day they are shared with the Operator. The Operator is obligated to follow the objectively justified follow-up recommendations. The recommendations cannot go beyond the requirements stemming from the provisions of law. Using the rights determined in this section by the User must not lead to infringing on the Operator’s business secret.
13. The Personal Data recipients will be members of organs, employees and partners of the Operator. Personal Data may be shared with subjects cooperating with the Operator for carrying out the purposes mentioned above and may be shared with third parties in relation to the Operator carrying out their rights and obligations.
14. The User agrees to further entrustment of the processing of Personal Data by the Operator for the purpose and the scope necessary to carry out the Agreement. The Operator sub-entrusts Personal Data to trusted partners:
a. Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL, 38 Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luksemburg, R.C.S. Luxembourg: B186284 – the operator of cloud services and Machine Learning tools
b. Sp. z o.o. – the operator of servers in E24Cloud
c. OVH Sp. z o.o. – cloud server operator
d. LINK Mobility Poland sp. z o. o. ul. Toszecka 101, 44-100 Gliwice Polska (SMSAPI) – text message sending service
e. Google LLC – the operator of Internet mail and the Google Data Studio tool used to visualize data, such as sales reports, sales channels, etc.
f. Microsoft Corporation – AzzureML Machine Learning Studio; Machine Learning tool.
14. The Operator does not share the entrusted Personal Data to countries outside the European Economic Area, and in the case of sharing Personal Data with third party counties, the Operator will ensure that their processing is compliant with the provisions of the GDPR.
15. Personal Data are entrusted to the Operator for the duration of providing the Services. After finishing the provision of Services connected with processing, based on the User’s decision, removes or returns all Personal Data and removes all their existing copies, unless the UE law or the member country’s law requires them to keep them.
16. The User expresses their irrevocable agreement to the Operator collecting and using statistical data regarding the User’s clients and orders (“Statistical Data”). Statistical Data will be anonymous information that is not connected with an identified or identifiable natural person, in particular, will not be attached to identifiers such as (i) name and surname, (iii) address details, (iii) contact details, (iv) Internet identifier. Statistical data will cover:
a. data about products ordered,
b. data about order times,
c. data about types of orders,
d. data about delivery/personal collection,
e. data concerning the address of order deliveries – limited to providing the city and street (without a specific house or apartment) or GPS coordinates of the order. Such data may be assigned additional scopes of a numerical mark of the property (np. ul. Głogowska 1-25) – which will not make it possible to identify a concrete property or apartment.
17. The Operator will separate Statistical Data from Personal Data entrusted to them to process by the User.


1. All complaints connected with providing the Services by the Operator and the questions about using the Website or the Application should be sent via email to or the address: Papukurier Sp. Z o. o., ul. Sowińskiego 18 A, 60-283 Poznań.
2. The complaint should contain identifying data: name and surname – for a natural person, or company – for a legal person or an organizational entity which is not a legal entity, which is granted legal personality by a relevant act, User Login, correspondence address, and email address provided while Registering, and a detailed description and reason of the complaint.
3. The Operator reviews the complaint within 7 working days from the day on which they received it and informs the User immediately via email about the manner of reviewing it. In a situation where the data or information in the complaint needs to be completed, the Operator contacts, before reviewing the complaint, the complainer with a request to complete it. The time of giving additional explanations from the User lengthens the review period accordingly.
4. Reviewing the complaint by the Operator is final.
5. All other notifications, comments, and questions regarding the functioning of the Website can be addressed via email to
1. The Operator declares that they will exercise due diligence to ensure the Users a high degree of safety in using the Website and Application. All events influencing the safety of the transmission of information, including any suspicion of sharing files that contain viruses and other files of similar character, should be sent to the Operator at
2. The Operator informs, and the User agrees, that all notifications, information, or other messages from the Operator connected with the provision of the Services will be sent in the electronic form to the User’s email address provided in the registration form or the Account Settings Panel.
3. The User agrees to the Operator’s free use of the User’s company and logo (trademark) for advertising and promoting the Operator, particularly agrees for them to be published on the Operator’s website and other the Operator’s electronic and paper materials.
4. The Operator reserves the right to transfer part or the entirety of the rights and obligations stemming from the Terms of Service to a third party or to order a sub-contract to execute them, which the User agrees to by accepting the Terms of Service.
5. The Users can obtain free access to the Terms of Service at any time through a link posted on the Website and Application’s main page or by contact with
6. The Operator declares that the Website and Application and the Operator’s graphic elements, Operator’s logotypes, navigation solutions, selection and placement of the content presented on the Website and Application constitute exclusive rights of the Operator.
7. In the matters not covered by these Terms of Service, the provisions of the GDPR, civil code, Act on the provision of services through the electronic way, and other acts apply.
8. The Operator has the right to change the Terms of Service at any time. The User will be informed about such change with at least a 14 days notice with an electronic message sent to the User’s electronic mail address provided in the registration form or the Account Settings Profile. Should the User not agree to the new version of the Terms of Service, the Agreement terminates on the last day of a fully paid Subscription Period.