Why is it worth investing in software for gastronomy?

The basic issue is the right software for gastronomy. The time of order cards has long passed.

Throw the sticky notes out the window! How the gastronomy industry is changing and what you should do not to be left behind.

Soon we will welcome 2020. New, faster, and more convenient is coming. The world is changing, and trends in gastronomy with it. Not so long ago, the prospect of ordering food with one click seemed impossible. Today everyone does it.

Now sit down and think for a moment.

If Dominos Pizza has developed a prototype of a self-propelled vehicle for delivering hot meals, and the Spyce restaurant in Boston uses small robots to prepare food, then maybe it’s time for you, Dear Restaurator, to make a small step towards technology and throw notes with saved orders in the corner? 

The number of restaurants in Poland is growing each year, including the number of your competitors.

How can you stand out from them? As we mentioned in a previous post, many people decide to choose a place to eat by browsing reviews on websites and social media. One star less than a restaurant around the corner can cost You a large group of customers. If you are convinced that the high-quality dishes come out of your kitchen, what should you worry about, right? Do you realize how many things outside of your control can go wrong affecting the final assessment of the customer? 

Problem with:

  •  fast deliveries,
  • collecting orders from various sources,
  • efficient communication between the kitchen and the person accepting the orders,
  • settling accounts with suppliers,
  • bookkeeping

evolving technology can help you with all this.

What is the solution?

The main issue is the right software for the restaurant. The era of sticky notes with written orders is over. From now on, you will not need a person to control phone orders, the one from various sites, or the one coming from your own website (if you have one). The system will do it for you. But its functionalities are not limited only to this.

The software should allow you to modify the order according to customer preferences, accept different forms of payment, issue invoices. Depending on the specifications of your restaurant, the system can also help you to manage sales, settle drivers, and control the course of delivery.

There are two types of such systems accessible on the market: classic, available for computers with touch screens, and mobile in the form of applications. The choice between them should not be difficult. Mobile devices are handy, there is no need to attach a million cables to them. Because they are very intuitive they don’t require special training for the stuff. Besides they connect to the Wifi network and are relatively cheaper than their stationary brothers.


We hope that we have convinced you that technology is not your enemy but a friend. It will help You run your restaurant more efficiently, save You a lot of stress and additional work. The right POS system is the key to success.

This is the first post in the #technology worth having cycle. There are many other solutions on the market that are designed to “make your life easier”. If you want to find out what to invest in and what to avoid, be prepared for the next post in our series!


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