We understand that your work is not a piece of cake!

You cannot reach the driver, the order is getting cold and you know that you will be the one to blame for it
You are aware that the note system slows down the team's work, but you are afraid of changes. You don't have time for learning new system for hours and you stress it will cause even more chaos. You are afraid that you will not be able to manage it.
You are not from the city. You don't know all the addresses, street names and you don't know which delivery zone you should assign the order to and how much to count for it.
Instead of going home after finished work, you still have to cash up the drivers.

Thanks to PAPU, you will finally have time to e.g. eat your breakfast in peace :)

You can always check where the driver is and when he will come back! Plus, you never will be blamed for the things you didn't do!
You save time: you do not rewrite orders anymore, and customer data once entered, complement themselves. 30 minutes of training is enough for you to become (PAPU) master.
Everything happens automatically - the system tells you how to combine orders, how much to count for delivery.
Cashing up the drivers will take you no more than 2 minutes. After that, you can just go home!

Over 500 waiters have already trusted us!


Assign drivers to the orders and observe their location on the map. Check if they reach the customer on time!

Instantly add any order and complete customer data. Half-and-half pizza, with no salami, but with a portion of extra cheese and a 10% discount? With Papu, it’s not a problem.

Once entered, customer data is stored. Just enter the delivery address – the system will know how much to count for it, thanks to the previously defined delivery zone.

You no longer have to call the driver asking where he is and when he will be back. You see which of the suppliers is closest to the delivery addresses. Within two clicks you can notify him of the next order!

PAPU will help you not only with delivery but also with dishes ordered on site. Add a table number and a discount. Mr. Smith is allergic to nuts? No problem. You can leave your comment under each order.

After a day at work, everyone wants to get home as soon as possible. Fortunately, cashing up with PAPU.io takes only 5 minutes!

Real opinions of our customers

Elizaveta, Pizzeria Nocna Krynicka, Wrocław

Without any problem we can accept more orders than with the previous system.

Angela, Manager Pizzeria Amigos Swarzędz

You are magicians!

Radek, Manager NYPD Stargard Szczeciński

Always a quick reaction

Suszone na Wynos Team

It’s perfect! Greeting from Suszki 😉

Join the group of satisfied waiters!

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