1. The owner of this website, available at https://papu.io, (hereinafter “Website”) is PapuKurier sp. z o.o., located in Poznań (60-283) at Sowińskiego Street 18A, NIP number 7792433088 (hereinafter “PapuKurier,” or “Operator”)


1. This website presents information about the business conducted by PapuKurier and its services. On the website, you can contact the Operation for them to submit a personalized commercial offer, including, among others, getting access to the demo version of the software.
2. Entering the Agreement may happen by sending a request to PapuKurier. After both parties agree on specific provisions of such an Agreement – its conclusion and requirements are, however, regulated by a separate “Terms of service of the papu.io website and papu.io mobile app.”
3. As part of their business, the Operator runs promotional and marketing actions, using for that purpose a “Landing Page,” the use of which is subject to regulations according to these Terms of Service.
4. The Controller of the personal data processed on the Website is the Operator. The personal data are processed for purposes, in the scope, and based on the bases and rules determined in the Privacy Policy published on the website. The Privacy Policy contains mainly the rules for processing personal data by the Operator on the Website, including the bases, purposes, and scope of personal data processing and data subjects’ rights. Using the Website is voluntary. Similarly, providing personal data in connection with it by the data subject is voluntary, except the exceptions determined in the Privacy Policy (the Operator’s legal requirements.).
5. Information about the use of cookie files and analytical tools on the website is described in Cookies Policy.


1. The Website is available to all Internet Users.
2. Proper use of the website requires the following requirements to be fulfilled:
a. the User’s end device, which they use to launch the Website, should meet the following technical needs regarding the operational system:
− Windows 7, 8, 10, or later versions,
− Google Chrome (recommended)
b. to launch and run the Website function properly, it is necessary to have:
− active Internet connection,
− computer with an Intel 5 or later processor,
− 4 GB of free space on the hard drive,
− 8 GB of RAM,
− 1024×768 screen resolution (higher ones recommended) with at least 256 colors.
2. Using the Website is free and should be done according to law and principles of good mores, considering respect for personal interest, protecting personal data and the rights of the Controller, other people using the Website, and third parties, including copyrights and intellectual property rights.
3. The User is required to use the Website in a way that is not inconvenient for other Users or the Operator. It is forbidden to post content that is illegal or take actions that may alter its functioning.
4. According to the scope and conditions stemming from the granted authorizations, the Operator reserves the right to modify the technical way of providing the services offered via the Website and adequately to the technical capacity available.
5. In the case of any problems or queries connected to the Website’s functioning or other questions, the User is obligated to contact the Operator:
− help@papu.io or via email at the address: help@papu.io
− by a letter to ul. Sowińskiego 18A, 60-283 Poznań
6. In the form mentioned above, you must determine:
a. the information and circumstances of the subject of the request;
b. the contact details of the entity making the request.
7. The Operator will review the requests within 14 calendar days.


1. On the Website and the Landing pages connected with it, there are dedicated contact forms through which the User provides their personal data, expressing their agreement to contact via electronic way and the Operator’s phone to make a direct presentation of PapuKurier’s commercial offer.
2. The User may contact the Operator (for other purposes than these above) through phone or email. The contact details are available in the Website’s footer.
3. Services provided through the Website are free.


1. Copyrights and intellectual property rights to the Website in its entirety and content, graphic files, pieces, templates, and signs available within it belong to the Operator or authorized third parties and are protected by copyright and other regulations of the commonly binding law. Using the content of the Website is allowed with no limits for personal use. Using the website’s content for other purposes requires prior explicit agreement from the Controller and authorized third parties.


1. If you have any problems or questions about using the Website or other questions, please contact the Website’s Operator:
− via email at help@papu.io, or
− in written form at ul. Sowińskiego 18A, 60-283 Poznań.